How to update your windows mobile?

Companies periodically release software updates in order to add new features and attract their customers. Whenever your mobile gets a new update, you will get a notification (when automatic update option is turned ‘on’ in your mobile) so that you can download it using Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection. Look at windows phone update history so that you can know what new features have been added to your mobile.

Instructions to be followed before you install updates on your windows mobile:

  • Make sure that your mobile is fully charged. The phone needs sufficient power for updating.
  • You can download your update by using mobile data or Wi-Fi. Don’t turn off your mobile while downloading update.
  • Check whether your mobile has enough storage space to install an update
  • You need upto1.5 GB depending on your phone model.
  • Make your phone memory free to ensure that the update goes smoothly.
  • If you don’t have enough storage space on your phone, you will be able to download the update using the SD card.
  • To check the free space available, go to settings and tap on storage sense.
  • If the space available isn’t enough to install the update then reset your mobile.
  • Make sure that before you reset your mobile, backup all your data because resetting your phone erases all your stuff.Storage Sense

In particular, there are two ways for downloading updates.

Downloading updates automatically.

Downloading updates manually.

  1. Set up automatic updates in windows phone.

At First, open your home screen and tap on to settings, then go to phone update. Now click on “automatically download updates if my data settings allow it”. By doing this you can download the update automatically.

phone unpdate

  1. Download updates manually

Open your home screen and tap on settings then go to phone update. Now click on “check for updates”. Then it shows “An update is ready to download”, you need to click on download and then it starts downloading the update.

phone updates

How to install an update after downloading?

In windows phone, after downloading the update it shows up two options at the bottom. They are: install and not now. If u want to install your update right now tap on install then your phone will restart installing the update or if u want to install your update later, then click on not now.

Installation of an update usually takes 15 to 30 minutes and sometimes it takes 2 hours to complete depending on the number of apps installed on your phone. While updating you can’t use your phone. After completion of the update your mobile again gets restarted.


To check the current updated software on your phone, go to settings and tap on “about” and then click on “more information”.

about tab