In 2019 alone, Instagram reported more than 854 million active users on the platform. Social media continues to grow in exorbitant fashion, creating new industries and opportunities along the way. As the internet has become a home base for businesses and brands looking to capitalize on growing markets, it is important to create an effective base of operations on the biggest platforms.

In today’s conversation, we are going to discuss how to set up a professional social media company account on Instagram while instilling best practices for growth along the way. With the right massaging methods, social media platforms like Instagram can help every business boom.

Best Instagram Business Practices For 2021

There has never been a great opportunity to make a killing marketing your brand or business. Instagram as a platform can provide unrivaled reach when compared to other traditional outlets.

To maximize our position on this platform, we need to start by establishing a prominent biography. We can look at this company bio on Instagram for an example of what we mean. Let’s break this down into a number of different steps so that you can replicate it for your brand.

1) Build Your Bio – Instagram has a limited amount of space for you to leave an impression. Nail what makes your brand special and unique. Are you independently owned? Do you have a decade of experience in the industry? What are your biggest credits and awards? Make room for this in your biography and go from there. Consider incorporating graphics and emoticons to spice up this section of your profile.

Key Tip: Make sure to prioritize your user input fields on the Instagram profile. This includes adding a contact email, your official website, and any other important links.

2) Create a Unique Icon – Graphics are everything in today’s digitally driven world. That is why it is of the utmost importance that you have a professionally designed icon that sits at 180 x 180 pixels. This allows you to create a professional impression that sets you apart from the crowd.

To get the most out of your icon, consider working with a graphic designer to develop something completely unique. Take inspiration from similar businesses and brands if you need ideas, but try to set yourself apart.

Key Tip: Understand how colors and icons can impact your brand and industry. Take inspiration from businesses and brands in similar fields to inspire yourself.

3) Create an Interactive Page – The best thing about social media is that businesses can directly engage with potential clients. Utilize social media outreach to continually build your brand. Use hashtags, reply to commenters, and engage with different giveaways and competitions. The more reason you can give for viewers to come to your page, the better!

Interaction will keep your page driving growth forward, so if this is an uncomfortable proposition then consider hiring a social media manager to handle the task! There are very few things we can’t accomplish with an active entrepreneurial social media presence!