Have you stopped for a moment and thought if your website offers an excellent experience to your customers, prospects, or frequent users?

The key to winning or losing a customer in many cases will be the Speed of your site, and the experience it offers. Here are things you need to do for optimizing your security, Speed, and performance even if you are a non-techie person.

#1 How to Optimize WordPress Security

There are many technical recommendations to improve WordPress security. However, you can achieve a more secure WordPress environment by installing Wordfence Plugin.

WordFence Security has the following functionalities or utilities related to WordPress security:

  • Virus and malware analyzer that allows us to search for malware in the WordPress installation using the WordFence Security database.
  • The firewall system protects WordPress installation from external attacks.
  • It gives you a traffic analyzer and visits in real-time. This feature includes bots and crawlers. It allows you to block attacks quickly and efficiently.
  • IP blocking system that integrates seamlessly with the traffic analyzer and WordFence WAF.

In addition to this, until the end of 2016 WordFence Security had integrated a cache plugin for WordPress with an optimization model called Falcon Engine.

There is a Premium version of WordFence Security with many more options than the free version.

In addition to the functionalities, WordFence Security Premium also has Premium telephone support.

These are the extra features that the Premium version of WordFence Security has:

  • Country Blocking: Allows access blocks to IPs from different geographical areas of the planet, filtering directly by countries.
  • Password Audit: Allows automatic audits of user passwords.
  • Cellphone Sign-in: It allows to improve the security of the installation of WordPress, allowing the authentication in two steps by means of a mobile message.
  • Scan Schedule: Allows you to schedule analyzes that run automatically.
  • Advanced Comment Spam Filter: Allows you to configure advanced spam filtering on comments and website forms.
  • Advanced analysis on remote servers: For Premium users, WordFence Security will use the power of remote servers from WordFence developers to improve security and efficiency in the analysis.

As you can see, WordFence Security has some more features in the Premium version than in the free version, although the free version is not bad either.

#2 How to Optimize WordPress Speed

The important points you should keep in mind for your site to ensure the Speed are:

Buying a reliable WordPress hosting

Generally, people always look for the lowest price. However, you should only look for the best one. Often, they ignore the performance. However, a good website hosting should be able to handle the influx of visitors anytime your site may get. A reliable WordPress hosting is the main key to improve your site speed. Here HostingRaja leading WordPress Hosting India typically offers affordable price. 

Optimize the images

Large images can eat up your hosting storage quickly. Therefore, it is wise to optimize your image before using it to your page or post. You can do this by visiting Tinypng here you can minimize the size of your file but keep the quality as before. They also have a plugin to optimize the image you upload on your WordPress automatically. And yes! It’s Free!

#3 How to Improve WordPress Stability

Stability has something to do with reducing website downtime. Often, this is something technical that you cannot control. However, there are things to make sure that your website is always available and has a minimum to no downtime.

Use a plugin to monitor the downtime

This is probably one of the best ways to monitor the uptime of your site is to use a plugin. In this way, you will receive reports and event notifications by email every time your site is inactive. If you have the Jetpack plugin package, it has a module called “Monitor” that can help you with this task.

Use a dedicated server

Another way to reduce the downtime of your site is to be especially careful when choosing your hosting service. Take the necessary time and evaluate best WordPress hosting that suits your needs and your budget. One possible solution is to choose a dedicated server or managed WordPress Hosting that specialises in WordPress sites.

Schedule website backup

Backups are essential to ensure that, even if your site is hacked, you can recover all content and restore your site. This also implies that the downtime is shorter. Why? Because you can retrieve your site content easily. There are several WordPress plugins that help you make copies, and you can even configure them to make backups from time to time.