Link building is a process of generating links from other websites to target your own. In search engine optimization (SEO), link building is one of the best ways that you can get your page to rank better in results pages.  Building quality links take time, and if you’re a startup, time is usually a luxury that you don’t have. If you haven’t started to invest in link building strategies, here are five reasons to get your feet off the ground:

2.Increases Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a concept in marketing that measures the familiarity of a brand among consumers. As a startup, you’re probably a business that’s still unheard of by a lot of people, which means your brand awareness is close to zero. This is why it’s important to start your link building strategy by figuring out the highest ranking website related to your niche.

Customers will trust brands and companies that are known to them. As your business gets more backlinks, it becomes more credible. Here are some simple strategies to increase brand awareness through link building:

  • Blog comments – When you’ve finalized your list of authority websites within your niche, find ways on how you can contribute to what they’re saying to their audience without sounding spammy. Look for ways to inject your brand into the discussion by posting relevant comments on their articles.
  • Create an event – While this strategy takes time and a lot of money, properly executing an event can have tremendous gains for your business. For instance, you can host a roundtable discussion among experts within your niche. Through this activity, they get to know you and your company, and those attending may even write something about this exciting event and link back to your business.
  • Reach out to bloggers – Nowadays, bloggers and influencers are in abundance so finding one isn’t a problem. The problem is finding bloggers that know what they’re doing. Find experienced bloggers in your niche to help you promote your business by creating review articles about your product or services. Be sure to offer them something in return when asking for a favor.
  • 3.Makes You An Authority

link building

Another useful benefit of link building is it helps cement your name as an industry leader in the niche you’re in. New businesses are consistently being scrutinized by industry thought leaders. When you’re a new face, you’re always put under a microscope, especially if you have a startup that claims to be a disruptor in an existing industry.

For instance, one of the best ways to get people to see you as an authority is through guest blogging. Ask high-quality sites if you can publish your article on their website. Guest blogging is leveraging another site’s traffic, typically a site with higher traffic than yours. Make sure that you’re providing relevant articles that spark discussion when you’re guest posting. Don’t forget to link back to your site in the most natural way. As more people see your content, you’ll eventually get invited to write for other authority business sites like Inc. and Forbes, which will significantly increase your authority in your niche.

4.Increases Your Network

Link building is an outreach activity which will require you to connect with various people. As you work on it, you develop connections that may prove useful in the future. In the beginning, you can expect people to decline your backlink requests. This is because they also have to take care of their rankings, and if you have a very low authority site, it could affect them, too.

Eventually, when you have an established name and business, you’ll have the opportunity to use your network to connect with other experts in your niche. At this point, asking for a backlink and will be easier.

5.Improved Search Engine Visibility

Each link that you generate from your link building efforts can help make your website look trustworthy by search engines. This is what marketers would call “trusted by association” and it only happens when a high-ranking site like Forbes or HuffPost links back to you. The links coming from various websites will let the search engines know that you’re someone credible and you have content that’s relevant.

According to Google, backlinks are still one of the best ways for your website to rank. When you use link building and search engine optimization together effectively, you don’t just help your rankings; you also increase your overall authority.


Link building isn’t a quantity game—it’s a quality game. It’s better to have a handful of backlinks for your startup rather than a hundred from spammy sites. Link building can help your business go to greater heights, improve your dominance over your niche, and have a significant impact on your SEO strategy.