Being a business owner isn’t an easy task. It comes with several responsibilities, planning and organisational skills. You will always have ample things on your plate that you need to take care of. You might already have done a lot of things to bring your business to how it is this present day. But the thing with businesses is that things keep coming up and taking rest from these is something you can’t afford to do if you want your business to succeed. You need to be cautious of every decision you make and every employee you hire, to ensure the progression of your business.

One of the most important things you need to do being an employer is hiring the right people that match your business needs. But just hiring them doesn’t complete the job. You need to continuously monitor your employees to ensure productivity. But how do you do that? Even if you are in a physical office setting, monitoring what all your employees are doing during office hours can be difficult. You can’t monitor everyone at once. On the other hand, monitoring your employee performance and productivity in remote work environments is next to impossible without the proper tools to do so.

Worry not, Monitoring them all at once can be difficult but not impossible if you have exactly the thing that can help you with it. Wondering what it is? There are a few of the best employee monitoring software available just for this. This software will help you in employee computer monitoring, time, attendance and several other aspects that you need, to monitor your employee productivity. One such software is Workpuls. Here in this article, you will find a detailed review of Workpuls along with all the products and services it is offering and the pricing. Let’s go ahead and find out if Workpuls is worth a shot.

What is Workpuls?

As mentioned above in the article, Workpuls is an employee monitoring software that helps you keep track of your employees. With the help of this software, you can track your employees’ performance, attendance, time tracking etc. which helps you in increasing your business productivity. No matter which industry you are in, monitoring your employee performance is something that needs to be done. Workpuls can be used in a lot of industries like healthcare, architecture, call centre, insurance, law firms and many more.

The major products offered by Workpuls are 

  • Employee Monitoring
  • Time and attendance
  • Time tracking
  • Automatic time mapping 

A detailed description of these products will be provided further in the article. On top of all the excellent products and features that Workpuls is offering, it also can help you store your data securely. It offers a safe and secure google cloud storage for your data or if you wish to save the data on your own servers, it can help you do that too.

Employee Monitoring

The main component of this software is monitoring your employee performance. The software is really effective when it comes to it. Workpuls continually monitors your employee performance by tracking their activities all through their working hours and report back to you with a detailed report of their performance.

With Workpuls, you can track your employee activity status (including both when they are active and idle), the websites and applications they are using. Not just that, Workpuls also sends you random screenshots of your employees’ computer and also screenshots of any malicious and suspicious activity. You can also observe your employees in a stealth mode, where you can monitor their activity without getting noticed and still be able to get all the updates.

Time and Attendance

Workpuls also helps you keep track of your employees’ attendance accurately and track how they are utilising their work time.

It makes it easier for you to analyse the attendance and productivity of your employees by keeping track of their clock-in, clock-out timings, working hours, breaks etc. With this software, you can track each and every minute of your employees’ time and use the data to analyse their productivity. It even simplifies the payroll process by providing all the necessary information. It also helps you track the time your teams and employees are spending on projects, to help them manage the time better.

Time tracking

Through Time tracking, Workpuls helps you keep track of your project deadlines. With this product, you can monitor the progress of the projects and how much time your employees are spending or not spending on their projects.

This software lets you monitor all your projects on one board and see their deadlines and progress. It tracks the time spent on each project and the tasks so that no deadlines are missed.

You can also check which apps or websites your employees are using while they are working on the products and get screenshots of any suspicious activity.

Automatic Time Mapping

Automatic time mapping is another major attraction of this software. With this you can analyse the time spent on the projects, organise projects and keep a proof of work.

With the help of this software, you will be able to monitor and check the time your employees are spending on each task of their products, which can help you in the prediction of resources for the next tasks and also analyse employee productivity. It automatically keeps the log of the time spent by your employees on different tasks, which can be of great help when it comes to minimising manual errors. It also saves your time by allocating the tasks to the projects directly.


Is Workpuls offering a free trial?

The answer is YES. Workpuls is currently offering a 7-day free trial for which you don’t need to provide any credit card details.

Products and Pricing

  • Employee Monitoring:

Available for $6 per month and $4.80 per month if billed annually

  • Time tracking:

Available for $8 per month and $6.40 per month if billed annually

  • Automatic Time mapping:

Available for $15 per month and $12 per month if billed annually

* All the prices mentioned above are per employee on a monthly basis.

Wrapping up

All businesses need monitoring. Being a business owner you need to keep track of everything in your business. Even though you can take care of all the other things somehow, monitoring all your employees at once is a difficult task if you choose to do it manually all by yourself. To make it easy for you, Workpuls has brought everything you need to one place. All you have to do is use the software to monitor your employees’ productivity. Not sure if it works? Make use of the free trial they are offering and see if it fits your needs.