Quality rules. It is an inarguable fact that people prefer and love seeing graphics, videos, or any form of visuals that are both flattering and beautiful. Aesthetics and clarity are clearly the most-preferred factors while presenting our content on digital platforms. Especially in recent times, where technology has begun occupying spaces of communication and entertainment, the need for presenting aesthetically-pleasing content is on the rise. 

For bringing quality content and impeccable presentations to the table, additional touch-ups do the best job. Although there are many online tools that beautify the content for the final launch, real-time or live events, online tools wouldn’t be of much help. If you are looking for gadgets that enhance the quality and output of your content, then the TONOR 12″ Selfie Ring Light is your ideal choice. 

This is a trendy must-have gadget for creating vlogs, attending zoom meetings, and to shoot exclusive content for YouTube and TikTok. But what exactly is this ring light? Let’s understand that first. Have you ever looked at a photograph and noticed that the shadow outcast the subject? Well, shadows are the real mood-killers in a picture-perfect shot. To reduce the shadow outcast on the object, the light should be illuminated with less shadow. A ring light is a circular gadget that casts an even light on the object that we are trying to photograph. Be it a product or a human, this gadget helps improve the overall quality of the picture or video by reducing the blemishes and illuminating the eyes.

A Selfie Ring light is a must-have beginner gadget for making high-quality vlogs, videos, and other social media content. TONOR 12″ Selfie Ring Light comes with a package of a tripod stand, Bluetooth remote shutter, and smartphone holder. Here are the features of this gadget:

Light fixing

From macro photography to smartphone selfies, glare and tarnish are the common issues that affect the quality of the output. Ring lights are majorly used to lessen the shadow effect and diffuse the light evenly. TONOR selfie ring light has 160 LED bulbs fit in it. The ring when mounted on the front camera perfectly illuminates the brightness and emphasizes details to its perfection. This gadget is the best lighting option for light fixing and ensuring over-all content quality.

Colour modes

This selfie ring light features three colour modes with ten brightness levels. Users can adjust the brightness within three modes (cold, warm, natural) based on the specification requirements. The colour temperature of this selfie ring ranges from 2700K to 6500K.  Depending on the time, location, and natural light available in the area, we can adjust the brightness for the desired output. 

Easily adjustable

TRL-20 ring light comes with a sturdy tripod stand. It has four retractable sections that make this gadget easily adjustable and easy-to-use. Users can adjust the height from 16” to 52”- suitable for both ground placement and table placement. This gadget is versatile and the ring acts as a standalone light for Zoom calls as well, thereby improving the quality of the call. 

Bluetooth remote shutter

The Bluetooth remote shutter that comes with this selfie ring eases up the process of taking selfies, shooting videos, and improving the lighting for Zoom calls. It is easily detachable and saves a lot of time for creators. This feature helps increase the lifespan of the product as it cuts down the junk-running time of the camera.

Firm grip

The tripod setup of this selfie ring light is easy-to-handle and efficient to use. The handle of this tripod has an in-built anti-slippery rubber phone holder which ensures a firm grip irrespective of the angle at which it is set. Users can adjust the height of the tripod between 16” to 53” and set up the tripod for their desired shot. 

Product lifespan

TONOR 12″ Selfie Ring Light has a lifespan of 2000H. This selfie ring light is known for its electrostatic shielding technology and surge, which protects the battery life and assures a better performance for a longer time.

Is the selfie ring light worth it?

In the era of smartphone photography, achieving perfection has been possible only with additional gadgets that made spot-less photography handy. Every content creator or even a hobbyist photographer or videographer aims to take the best shot. Earlier, ring lights were widely used only by portrait photographers. Times have changed. So did the photography styles. 

Emphasis on details

Selfie ring lights help hide the shadow casts and makes it a perfect choice for portraits or make-up tutorials. For lifestyle and beauty bloggers, selfie ring lights work like a charm for removing blemishes and other imperfections. 

Video shoots

Reels and TikTok have taken social media by storm. There’s not a single social media savvy who never tried these video forms. Recording a video with a balanced light-fix and professional quality is a daunting task. With a selfie ring, you can enhance your facial features with cinematic perfection throughout the video. 

Wrapping up

TONOR 12″ Selfie Ring Light is a versatile gadget that assists you in taking those perfect shots and present meetings with enhanced professionalism. It is a best-pick for people who are interested in creating vlogs or aspiring to become an influencer. You can get Selfie Ring Light on Amazon at a good deal.