While focusing on mobile app development and creating a functional app is incredibly important, your hard work will be a waste if the potential users are unaware that the product exists. Currently, the question remains very relevant for all developers of mobile applications, what to do with their application after it has been published in the application store: how to attract active users, keep them, constantly increase their number and, most importantly, make money on your product.

  1. The best choice for presenting an application on the web is a website. Try to make it as easy as possible to understand the data from the landing page: state the benefits of your application in concise lists, avoid long texts. If something happens during the development of an application that the user would be interested to know about, it is worth starting a blog on the website. This can build confidence in a future and existing application, especially if it touches solving complex problems.
  2. An important element of mobile app marketing is its icon, so it is recommended to place it on your landing page or website in a large format. This design element greatly enhances the credibility of the product.
  3. Effective ASO allows you to attract users and get more downloads, all you need is to know your target audience and the keywords for which they are looking for applications. Use these words in your title, description, and tags. Remember about the visual part, which includes the icon, screenshots, and perhaps even video.
  4. Make a list of blogs and publications that would benefit from the popularity of the application. Rank resources in descending order of return from publication. Do not dwell on the obvious, because getting into, for example, ProductHunt, does not promise you lightning success. 

When creating a product for a certain category of users, e.g. a tool for teaching foreign languages, it is more logical to distribute it on specialized forums and blogs. A balance must be struck between thematic media portals and specialized platforms. Try to reach out to specific journalists, having previously familiarized yourself with their writing style and preferences, readability and relevance of their materials.

  1. There are websites that publish paid reviews. It is recommended to negotiate cooperation with them in the same way as with others, since an article about your application will be effective only if it is attractive to a part of the audience. As a rule, there are no fixed prices for such services, so the editors of such publications give different numbers to different client layers.
  2. If your app has a serious chance of standing out from others, then you can increase the chances of better app visibility by entering a competition. Apply for an award like the Best Mobile App Awards to gain international recognition for your app if you win in the end. Of course, you will have to work extremely hard to win first place, but even a nomination allows you to increase the amount of downloads of the application and the confidence in your product.