Employees are a huge part of an organization’s success. No matter how great a leader is, don’t they need equally intelligent, skillful, and spontaneous employees to get the job done for them? Yes! A great business plan will only help you halfway, employees’ creativity and productivity are what helps businesses in reaching their business milestones. The more productive your employees are, the more chances that your business will reach your business goals faster. Tracking the employee’s productivity will allow you to find any disparities in your organization’s strategies or plans and fix them. However, it is not an easy task to track all your employees and their work regularly. If the scale of your organization is big, then it makes it even more difficult to keep a track of every department. 

Well, this was a story before the pandemic. Now whether it is a small organization or a large one, they are forced to manage their business operations remotely. Yes! Organizations across the globe have opted for remote working and no one knows when this will go back to normal. The need for monitoring employee productivity has become a necessity for organizations now. How else will they measure the employee productivity that needs to be taken into consideration for appraisals? This is where technology enters the picture. Well, advancement in technology has also helped businesses in adjusting to modern times. Monitoring software for employee is helping businesses in tracking and monitoring their employees. In this article, you will be getting a comprehensive review of one such employee monitoring software-Workpuls.

Before jumping into the features and review of this software. Let’s understand more about this software.

What is Workpuls?

Workpuls is software that helps businesses analyze and understand how their employees work. This software provides you with insights into how your employees are using their working hours. It also helps them in tracking their employee’s productivity and performance. When organizations understand their employee’s work styles they can manage them better which leads to improving productivity too. Introducing Workpuls into your workspace will allow businesses to find the top performers and give where the credit is due. Along with top performers, they can realize the weak links in their organization and take appropriate measures to improve their productivity. Monitoring your employees which used to be a daunting task will become quite simple.

From tracking your employee’s productivity on specific periods of time (day, month, week) to identifying their website usage and browser behavior you can find out a lot using this software. Be it remote working or office set up you can monitor them, track their computer activities (without compromising on their privacy). 

Let’s talk about various products offered in the Workpuls suite.

Employee Monitoring

If a business wants to reach new heights, then one of the first things that you should get right is improving productivity. Although your employees are hardworking at times the productivity can go stale. If you want to rise above your competitors, then it is a must to analyze and understand where you can improve to make it better. Well, with this employee monitoring software you can analyze how your workforce is using their time. For businesses time is money and since they cannot just spend every waking minute of their day to check on their employees, good employee monitoring software is needed. In fact, it gets the job done more efficiently too. You can discover and analyze your employee’s browsing behavior and where they are spending most of their time. 

Employee monitoring software will help you in tracking which apps or websites your employees are using more frequently as part of the team, for the company, or just individually. It also allows you to look into their activity logs too. You can monitor your employee without actually getting noticed. Yes! Stealth mode makes it easy to monitor and get all the information needed. Also, you can either choose to be visible or just stealth, which means your employees will see the workpuls icon or it will be hidden on the computers. You can trigger random screenshots manually or they can be triggered by the malicious or suspicious activities of employees. Most importantly all the features on this software are designed to improve productivity. Some of the features include real-time monitoring, time and attendance, productivity labeling, timekeeping, manual screenshots, reports, productivity tracking, etc. 

Time Tracking

Another interesting product of Workpuls is time tracking. This software just keeps all your operations and tasks in check making sure that you deliver your commitments on time within your budget. It provides features that help you in overlooking your project and making sure that everybody on your team is on the same page. 

Since it takes automatic screenshots, these screenshots will help you in seeing the actual time spent on a particular task, which means you will have definitive proof of work. With project budgeting, you can boost the revenues of your business too. Since it provides you with precise data the budget forecasting will no longer be guesswork. When your budget forecasting is no more guesswork, you can easily avoid debts and focus more on growing your business. 

Time & Attendance

The automated time and attendance tracking of this software helps you in simplifying the billing and payroll. You can easily see what your employees are upto and most importantly it gives you a real-time view of what they are working on. Since it is an automated time and attendance tracking software, it accurately records the clock-in and clock-out time. 

Real-time tracking helps you in seeing how much time they are spending on assigned tasks and whether they are taking breaks properly or not. Since it seamlessly connects with the payment systems, it is easy to calculate the hours worked. It breaks down and captures each and every minute of your employee’s day so that you can see the exact amount of time they spent working. 

Automatic Time Mapping

Tracking a project manually can be quite daunting, however with this automated software you can manage and track your project effortlessly. This software provides you with detailed reports that help you in staying on top of your progress. When your employees enter data manually there are chances that errors may occur. Workpuls instead relies on the employee’s activity. Lastly, you will never again have to worry about assigning projects to your employees as it does the task automatically. 

How does it work?

If you are curious to know the functionality of this software, let’s check it out then. Once the software is installed on the computer (mac or windows), it tracks the time and monitors the activity. And all the data collected from the computer will be sent to a centralized server. Here all the data that is collected from the computers will be structured. This structured data will appear as actionable and user-friendly data on your dashboard.

Is WorkPuls Worth it?

Well, as you have made it to the end of this article you would have already understood about features and functionalities of this software. Workpuls is more than an employee monitoring software, along with monitoring your employees in real-time it is surely offering to track their time and attendance too. This solution is simple and effortless as it can be installed on both Mac and Windows easily. Organizations across different industries can seamlessly integrate this software into their businesses. Some of the industries that are using Workpuls to improve the productivity of their employees are Health care, Enterprises, Architects, Call Center, Virtual assistants, Law Firms, etc. It is highly suitable for companies that have remote working employees. 

Benefits of using WorkPuls

  • Real-time monitoring improves efficiency
  • Automatically calculates of works worked and determines an individual’s overtime pay easily
  • Offers offline time tracking 
  • Accurate budget forecasting and screenshot monitoring
  • Perfect all sizes of business and industries

Wrapping up

Workpuls is an excellent employee monitoring software that does more than monitoring. It provides meaningful insights relating to projects and helps businesses in understanding their employee browsing behaviors. Bringing this software into your organization will truly be a game-changer and before you realize the productivity of your employees will improve. They are offering a trial version too. Give it a try and then decide.