Trust is the most important bond between customers and a company. When customers subscribe or purchase a product, they share most confidential or personal information with the company. So, if you as a company misuses your customer’s data it will not only affect your business but you lose your customers trust too. So, keeping all this in mind companies have taken customers consent more seriously than before. The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has come into effect a year ago. Be it small or large business they must honestly regard a customer’s consent relating to storage, data collection and usage. 

Small businesses must tweak their habits, but large sites with huge traffic should follow a more methodical approach to comply with GDPR rules and regulations. If you’re one such company worrying how to comply with GDPR rules and regulations then consent management software. Consent management software experts are saying that it is important to comply with rules and regulations to avoid fines and also to maintain your customer’s trust.

Cookies and GDPR

First-party cookies and third-party cookies are extremely important for any website. First-party cookies are highly important for any website as they enable businesses to remember the key information relating to the customers and collect analytical data. Whereas, third-party cookies allow the publishers to run advertisements and marketing campaigns. Since the implementation of GDPR on 25th may of 2018, the way businesses are websites collect, store information from their customers have significantly changed. And if you take a closer look you would know that new technology has crept into the ad tech ecosystem i.e., Consent Management Platform (CMP). 

Publishers, website owners now need to obtain residents or EEA/EU citizens specific, freely given, unambiguous consent to collect, store or use their data. Since daily hundreds of people visit a website, so having a  consent management platform will make collecting consent easy and ensures that you follow all the GDPR rules.

What is a consent-management platform?

Consent management is a process that allows the websites to comply with EU regulations regarding collecting the consent of the users. When your organisation has a consent-management platform in place, then your website will keep the visitors informed about the type of data they will collect and ask for their consent for a specific data processing motive. The regulatory obligations facilitated by this platform includes constant consent widgets and pop-up on the screen for the user.  Collecting the information about the customer’s consent decisions and maintaining a record of the changes thereafter. Before a customer gives consent, the company should only collect pre-approved data by applying accepted tags. Dealing with a customer’s requests to rectify, move, access or erase the personal data they gave. 

Wondering why your website needs a consent management platform? 

Why consent management platform? 

Many people question,

Why consent management?

Why do people need it? 

Why this system when there are more applicable legal bases for processing people’s personal data?

The answer to all these questions is consent is often used as a last resort, but when there is no legal, legitimate interest or regulatory are present to process the data then consent is the best way forward. This platform helps in building and maintaining a better relationship with their customers. It gives the customers control and choice and increases the trust in the company. A consent management software helps a company to record consent interactions with their employees, users and customers. It provides the customers, users with a choice to choose what they consent to, what motives they accept also have full control over their personal information. 

This platform is important as it has changed the way businesses deal with a piece of customer information. They will now be more careful regarding an individual’s personal information. Not to forget it will bring significant changes to the way the personal data is processed, stored and protected. It will ensure your customers that their data is safe with the company and when they see a company is following all the GDPR rules then it will assure them that they’re purchasing from a company that will keep their data safe and secure. It even automates the decision making and it also oversees the transfer of all this data too. Once they have trust in you, it will automatically improve your brand value in the market. 


A company must respect its user’s privacy and comply with all GDPR rules and regulations for consent collection. Having a consent management platform is the most practical decision an organisation can take to avoid falling under GDPR bad books.