Who doesn’t count on getting information that’s correct from a source you’ve trusted for years? We all have questions about something and there’s nothing worse than the wrong information. It creates havoc in our lives because we carry that same bad information to the person next to us. Soon this information travels and more people believe in the statement that’s completely wrong. It’s imperative you are speaking to a source you can trust. There is no sense in getting in a long-winded conversation when the information makes no sense. Here are some reasons why using the right source will bring you the correct information every time.


Consider the source’s experience. Don’t get caught up in thinking they know what they are talking about because their appearance is well kept. Most people fall for this every time, especially if the person wears glasses. We instantly think they are the most intelligent person on the planet. Experience goes a long way and those who give the right information will show it in their behavior. They can articulate statements that make sense even if you had to look them up. Most people are sharing research information they’ve poured over for months. You can trust that this hard work earns them the right to share their findings whether you believe them or not. It doesn’t matter if its influencer marketing or another topic—look for experience.


Misinformation is one of the biggest things facing us today. There are so many outlets that by the time you read one thing, it’s changed in the next few minutes. Learn to spot misinformation so you’re not falling into a trap of bad quotes and non-researched material. Too many people hear or read something and assume it’s true. Misinformation can destroy lives and eventually lead to a lawsuit. Most times when the information is so bad or wrong, someone is going to want justice. And why shouldn’t they? We have to be more mindful of the misinformation no matter what we are reading. It’s okay to question a nice news article. Look at the author to see their track record. How many times have they had to re-track a story for mistakes or corrections? This is not surprising because everything is going so fast. Our lines of communication of correct information is getting blurred. If you don’t stop to read what is correct, or you can’t tell, you might never get to the truth.


When you want to find the answer to something, look at the results of the person telling you information. You might want to know the proper way to put together a wood project. Is the person sharing the information showing the various wood projects they’ve created? If not, then move on to someone who has proven results. This is how you can test anyone who gives you information you’ll depend on. It doesn’t mean to be disrespectful because, honestly, no one is obligated to tell you anything. It’s only those people that tout themselves as the experts in the field. Results mean a lot and many will come to depend on them when asking the hard questions. Think about what you expect for results and see if they measure up with what you had in mind.

These are some of the reasons why it’s important to get the right information from the correct source. You have to consider their education as this plays a vital role. This isn’t saying don’t speak to the less educated, but it does say listen to those who have education in that line of work or topic. They’ve studied at a school that specializes in the topic or field. Stay away from any source that sounds misleading. Don’t fall into the pit of misinformation as you might never get out of it. Review a person’s results that can help prove what they’re talking about. You want to see their work or points, not just hear them.

Always look for a result that helps you determine the person you’re talking with for hours can prove what they are saying within minutes. It’s hard to test someone who’s made a million gadgets versus making only one. Finding the right source leads you to make good relationships with people who know what they are talking about.