The mobile device has overtaken the need to be bound to your desk to conduct business. People are interacting over mobile devices more and more and you want to be sure that your business is in the spaces where your customers are engaging. Customers won’t buy from shops on streets that they don’t walk down and the same applies to the digital space. Big data used correctly can show you how your customers prefer to interact, shop and engage. Here are some tips when considering mobile for your business

Learn the trends

The global movement is away from desktop and towards portable devices. People are on the move and they want to keep the ship sailing and the wheels turning even when they aren’t at their desks. More and more people want to be able to work from the comfort of their homes, on the train, in a taxi, or even relaxing on a beach. Find the right company for android app development Sydney that can build an app that works seamlessly with all android devices. If your app is data-heavy, then offer a data lite version for when people are travelling and don’t have access to internet or Wi-Fi.

Know the market

Your audience isn’t just one broad faceless people group, they are unique and desire individual attention. The more you define who they are the better your marketing strategy and marketing campaigns will be and the more successful will be your sales conversions and customer retention. Your target market may be so specific that you will need to even cater for which operating system they prefer to use. Traditionally there is the divide between Apple’s IOS, and an array of operating systems offered by Android. It will require creating a mobile site or app that is specifically geared toward either one or the other and if you’d like your business to function on both then you will need to design it for both.

Know your people

Older people or people without smartphones will need USSD or SMS based services. It is still mobile but not the typical engagement platform. If the audience isn’t such that they have access to cheap data, Wi-Fi or can be savvy enough to work off a non-native app, then you need to design the platform such that it works vest for the consumer. USSD has a quick time-out so depending on what you intend to use it for, anything that requires long periods of thinking or reading will be met with a time-out alert. To which you’ll have to start the process of engaging again and may risk losing the customer.

Find the best way

Apps versus mobile web. There is a debate emerging as to whether native apps or non-native apps are better, and some customers prefer not having to download an app onto their phone which takes up storage space. Mobile web sites don’t have major updates and installations like apps do, a mobile web can update without the consumer noticing or experiencing outdated version and data consumption.