What is Google+ and how to use it?

Google+ is a social network owned and operated by Google Inc. (an official social network of Google). At first Google+ was released with very limited number of users for the purpose of testing in the year 2011 June. You can activate your Google+ account if you have a Google account if not create one. Many of its features are quite similar to other social media networks.

Google then gave some of those new registered users’ requests to invite few of their contacts. The platform has subsequent to been opened up to everyone. It was given an upgrade in April, 2012.

Key features of Google +,

  1. You can open Google+ at plus.google.com.
  2. To join Google+ you require a Google account, (like for getting to Gmail).
  3. The main page which shows up when you sign in has a “stream” of updates, chats and shared content– comparative in numerous regards to the “Facebook news feed” or “Twitter stream”.
  4. Whenever you add a particular contact to your Google+ account, you allocate them to one or more ‘circles’, which is a method for arranging and sorting out individuals.
  5. When you first join, you’ll see a few “circles” set up by Google, which also includes “friends” and ‘Acquaintances’. You can likewise include your own.
  6. You can send messages or links to the contacts in your circles or also to everyone. This gives you more adaptability than Twitter and is a comparative idea to “Groups” on Facebook.
  7. Your circles are private – that is, nobody can know or see how you’ve named your circles or which circles do the other person has been placed in.
  8. The ‘Notifications” feature of Google+ will tell you when somebody adds you to one of their circles (however not which type of circle) and when somebody has remarked on or responded to content that you’ve shared or commented.
  9. You have an option of commenting on the posts shared by the people whom you follow and you can even “+1” it. The recent is like “Like” feature on Facebook. You can likewise share the post, if the actual user who posted the content allows you to do so. This is like “Retweeting” feature on Twitter.
  10. Google+ notifies you of any updates if the original poster of the particular content allows you to do only after you interact with that particular content or post. You can even find an option of “mute” – which mutes of those updates.
  11. Google + has a communication platform called “Google hangouts” with features of instant messaging, video chat and VOIP features.
  12. You can upload pictures and also organize those using “Google photos” (Picasa).
  13. You can find a Google + application accessible for all types of Smartphone’s.
  14. Google+ has introduced “pages” in late 2011, which features on allowing groups, companies to sign up.
  15. It is currently allowed to pick a customized Google Plus address.

Process of signing up for a Google + account:

All you need before you get started,

  • Computer with internet connection
  • An Email setup which is active for sending and receiving mails.

Step 1: Open Google + website. Note: Signing up for any of the Google applications is all only one sign in. If you already have a Google account then sign in. if not create one. Click on “create an account” option.

Step 2: You will now redirect to a page called “Create a new Google account”. Fill up the form fields – Name, username, password, Birthday, Gender, Mobile, Current Email address, Location and Verification. At last you need to agree for the Google “Terms of Service” and “Privacy Policy”. And then continue to sign in.

sign up process of Google account

Step 3: After you log in to your Google plus account, now you need to build up your profile as attractive and effective as possible. Now click on “create profile”

Step 4: Complete filling in your information Name, Gender, Birthday. Also add your picture – that helps your friends recognize you easily). Then, click on “upgrade” at Left top – corner of the page.

upgrade the google account

Step 5: On the following page, Google+ will give you an option to add anyone to your friends list you might know. Anyways it’s just your interest, if not ignore it and continue to next step.

Step 6: now, a page opens asking you to follow up the other pages you feel you are interested. Of course this option is up to you. Tap on it if u are interested otherwise ignore it and click on ‘continue’. It may give you a notification if you haven’t select anyone, anyways continue.

Step 7: You now have the chance to add a photograph to your profile – adding a profile photo is a thumbnail when you share content or engage with the people. You can either snap a photograph with your webcam or you can transfer a photograph from your PC. Click on your decision and take after the onscreen prompts to upload your photo. You can perceive how you will look to the outside world from the review in the right hand side of the screen.

Profile picture

Step 8: Once you have uploaded a photo you might likewise jump at the chance to finish additional data about yourself, for example, where you went to class or where you work. If you would prefer not to finish this, simply click on Finish.

Step 9: You are now ready to start with Google+.

Key features to be known,

Searching People and Adding Them to Your Circles

To search some person on Google Plus, you just need to use the search bar present at the top to search for their name. If you get the right personality then, press the “Add to circles” – add them to whichever circle or circles you need.

Sharing Content

Under the “Home” tab, there is a little data zone you can use to post stories to your profile, which will appear in the surges of individuals who have added you to their own circles. You can pick presents on be visible by the general population (by everybody on Google Plus, even those outside your circles), distinguishable by particular circles, or perceptible by one or more individuals.

Not at all like Facebook, you can’t post a story on another person’s profile. Rather, you can make an overhaul and include “+FullName” to the offer choices so that just the predefined individual or individuals will see that post.

Tracking the Updates

On the right half of the top menu bar, you’ll see your name with a number close to it. When you don’t have any notices, this number will be zero. When someone adds you to their circles, gives a +1 to something on your profile, imparts a post to you or remarks on a post that you already remarked on, then this number will be one or more noteworthy. When you tap on it, a rundown of your warnings will be showed with clickable connections to their relating stories