Over the past years, meetings of online thoughts have become the perfect opportunity for connecting with others, tweaking strategies and networking, getting help and sharing in the same community. An entrepreneur forum is a great way to connect with other people who have their own business. Day by day, online forums are go off increasingly, covering everything from the difficulties to starting your own business.

Entrepreneurs required to go it alone in the past and has to depend on the advice they might get from successful people. You don’t have to wait to knock into the next successful person to share ask questions make some connections with forums and ideas that are available all over the world. There are three hottest places to meet fellow entrepreneurs and interact with them on the net.


Oliver Kenyon, young entrepreneur founded EntrepreneurFix. At present this forum is certainly hot. It is smooth and easy to use. The main panel is divided into four sections, they are general, business, play and work. This gives members the capability to go approximately where they want to go when they visit the website.

In “Work” area, members can debate with other entrepreneur’s whole from marketing to authorized matters, new online business ideas and general business. In “Play” area, there are sub-forums related to arts and entertainment, travel and real estate. In “Business” area, you can display your products and companies and if you need to sell or exchange your services or products with other members of the forum, there is a “Buy and Sell” sub-forum.

An advantage of EntrepreneurFix is, it connects you with other entrepreneurs of the same thoughts. You can exchange tips, discuss experiences and also interact with other people who are on the same path. With simple engaging interface and with all of the sub forums, EntrepreneurFix is completely the entrepreneur forum to lookout.

Startup Nation

Business owners Jeff Sloan and Rich had started Startup Nation in 2002. It is an active forum for those who are old and new to entrepreneurship. The forum interface is well ordered and sparkling, but it shines with it’s numerous of content. This website offers everything for modern and future entrepreneurs. Startup Nation is a solid resource and it focus is on overall content knowledge.

In this in the forum section you will find nine key categories. They are:

  1. Marketing, Sales and Public Relations – This is divided into three subtopics, you need to do a minute ploughing for definite topics.
  2. Startup Business Basics – It is subdivided into startups, selection areas, planning and a “Grab Bag” for everything else.
  3. Money – It covers Business funding.
  4. Doing Business on the web – It covers some internet business topics.
  5. Inventing and intellectual property – It covers how to protecting your ideas, developing and commercializing your invention
  6. Running your business – It covers strategies and tactics for getting efficient, customer service and experience etc.
  7. Likeminded people
  8. Getting inspired, sharing wisdom
  9. New member welcome and category stew

Meet Up

Meet Up is a social network platform where you will connect with other entrepreneurs around you. The design of the website is simple and you will find various groups in your area by city or you will start a group of your own. For connecting with other entrepreneurs in your community and for people who want to network locally, Meetup is best platform. It doesn’t offer any content and is not uniquely business-focused.