You might have bought your Apple watch and would like to know how the set up process works. Apple watch is not just a micro iPhone. It is the most PC the Apple Company ever made. You just wear it on your wrist and it sets with the iPhone in your pocket. From then it starts giving you the regular notifications and gadget like looks, tracks your movement and activities, handles calls and messages, can make payments, and controls your music and TV, and many more. You can even modify your Apple Watch by swapping groups, change clock faces and many more.

This article helps you how to set up your apple watch and also know all its features,

Step 1: Charge it soon you open the box

It is a good practice to charge any device fully as soon as you open it from the box. Connect the charger to your device and leave for about two to three hours to fully charge. Press the side button for the watch to turn it “ON”.

charge the apple watch

Step 2: Pair your watch with your iPhone

Before you start pairing the watch with your iPhone, you need to update your iPhone with the Apple watch app. The watch first shows you asking you to select the language. Select a language which you can understand and then wait for a while. The watch configures itself and shows you a screen asking you to open your iPhone –“Apple watch application” and then click prompt on the watch.

pairing code

Apple watch now shows you bubbles of dots (blue color), simultaneously the iPhone opens up the camera and then allow you to go to viewfinder on the watch, which is similar to QR code scanning process. If this process of pairing through camera doesn’t work for you, then you need to click on the “i” button on the apple watch that gives you a code of 6 – digit as a verification. This code when entered on your iPhone in order to pair both devices.

pair it with iphone

Step 3: select your wrist preference

Select the wrist preference (right or left). Now, you’ll have to read and accept the Terms of Service, which you are clearly not going to read in full. You’ll additionally need to enroll your Apple Watch with Apple by means of your Apple ID during this process. Next, you will see a progression of setup notification for Location Services, Siri, and Diagnostics. The Watch pulls the settings for each of these from your iPhone. So if in case you have Location turned on for your iPhone, it will be accessible to the Watch.

wrist selection

Step 4: Install the available apps and set up the security

Now, it asks you to set up a password for the security purpose. It also asks you to unlock your watch with your iPhone. Say yes and continue. (The watch will remain unlocked until it is on your wrist, and once it is removed from your wrist, it gets locked which is then unlocked with the password.)

Next, you will find an option to install the available apps at once, instead of installing one by one. As per your choice, you can install all at once or only the apps which you prefer to do.

available apps installation

Step 5: Set up a watch face

Follow the below process to set up the watch face,

  1. In case you’re not on the watch face, press the crown button until you are. You may need to press more than once, however don’t hold it down (Siri), and don’t press too quickly (double tapping the Crown changes to your last-utilized application).
  2. Force Touch the watch face. A Force Touch is, as the name infers, pressing harder down on the glass than simply tapping. You’ll know it’s working when the watch face shrivels.
  3. Swipe left and right until you get the watch face you need.
  4. In case you’re content with it as seems to be, simply tap the watch face to pick it.
  5. If you like to modify it, tap the edit at the base.
  6. Now you’ll see the watch face as bigger, however with a outline and a couple of dots present at the top.
  7. The essential communication goes like this: the primary screen gives you a chance to change the worldwide settings for the watch face. That could be the shading, or picking between a jellyfish and a blossom, or picking the scale on the chronograph. You can then swipe left or right to go to more settings screens.
  8. On each of these screens, you change alternatives by moving the crown.
  9. At first — yet you’ll in the long run “get” the interchange between screen taps, power touches, and moving the crown.

watch face of apple watch

Step 6: go through the settings

Similar to your iPhone, your Apple Watch has “settings” to experience. You can modify some of them on the Watch itself in its settings application, yet it’s speedier and less demanding to simply do the vast majority of this on your iPhone — the settings sync over rapidly.


The settings are part into a couple areas, with general stuff at the top and application by-application settings underneath. There are a huge amount of settings! Spend some amount of time around to check whether there’s anything you’d like to change, yet for a large portion of these you can most likely live with the default.

Step 7: Apple pay set up

Use Apple Pay on your Watch by double tapping the main button, yet it’s not set up with your card out of the case. To set it up, head on down to the application settings for Passbook and Apple Pay on your telephone’s Apple Watch application.

Step 8: Set up Activity application

Apple has a couple of frameworks incorporated with the Apple Watch for following your wellbeing. There’s a Workout application and a heart rate screen for activity, yet the one that you’ll presumably like the most is the Activity application. It tracks your strides and general action level with three day by day meters: development, work out, and time spent standing. It can likewise bug you to stand up every now and then, which is useful!

In any case, it doesn’t do all that until you’ve set up the Activity application. A few individuals may have reason not to turn it on, but rather for most it’s a decent way to verify you’re not being excessively sluggish. So to set it up, open the application up (Hooray, your first Watch application!) on the Watch. To do it, tap the Digital Crown until you’re taking a gander at your application matrix, a variety of roundabout symbols set out in a honeycomb design. Skillet around until you see the Activity application; it would seem that three concentric circles. When you do, you’ll likewise have the Activity application appear on your iPhone.

Step 9: Notifications customization

Now go to your apple watch application on your mobile and go to notifications. Everything that informs you on your iPhone will likewise advise you on your Watch. Be that as it may, in case you’re anything like me (or a great many people), you most likely haven’t done much tidy up of what gets the chance to tell you on your telephone. That “Your Turn” notice from Words with Friends won’t not be that difficult on your mobile, but rather on your Watch is can be super irritating.

notifications customization

So experience that segment of the Watch application and turn off anything you would prefer not to see on your wrist. Despite everything it’ll be on your telephone. Apple Apps that have Watch-particular settings are at the top, reflecting alternatives underneath. You can likewise pick whether you’d like a red dab as a missed notices marker.

Step 10: Set up the Contacts

The penultimate step! At this point, your contacts have to all be synchronized over to your iPhone. You can get to your top choices by squeezing the catch in favor of the Watch, and then utilize the computerized crown to look through them. Of course, the Watch puts the general population you’ve officially stamped as top choices here. Yet, in the event that you’d like an alternate arrangement of people on your Watch, you can change that in the iPhone’s Watch application.