Whatsapp an instant messaging app for smart phones has now rolled out a new update for the android app on the Google play store (version 2.12.250) with all new emojis (with different skin tones), and mark as read feature.

New Emojis

WhatsApp now included few new emojis, similar to the middle finger and spock emoji, and now you can pick distinctive skin colors for few of the emojis. There is currently likewise a choice to reduce call quality and utilize less data. Ultimately, there is presently support for Urdu and Bengali languages.

colorful emojis

Marking Whatsapp chat history as “read” or “unread”

You likewise have the alternative to check a chat history as read, without going into it. Just long press the chat on the screen and a popup menu will show up. Directly down the base you’ll see the alternative for ‘Mark as Read’. You can do this in opposite as well and long press to ‘Mark as Unread’ so you remember to come back to a message later.


One of the new update is the option provided to mute the contacts individually, though beforehand you could just mute the group chats. You can now likewise check talks as back or new.

Use Google to send a message now

mesage sending

You n use Google to send a message for whatsapp contacts. You simply need to say “Ok Google” and send a message to your selected contact. You can likewise record all in one statement…for example: “Ok, Google, send whatsapp message to Geetha, “I’m still in office, I’ll be running late to home today” or anything.

You can download this new update now from the Play Store.