Many of the applications today are being developed to make calls anywhere and anytime for not cost. However there are only limited platforms accessible for to make free mobile calls from web.(for free)

Few applications and sites like Google+, Facebook, Whatsapp and Yahoo Messenger have included calling feature. But it is not portable and user friendly to make calls on mobile. I found one platform to make mobile calls from web at free cost to members who are in offline i.e Numbertank

numbertank website

What is Numbertank about?

Numbertank is a service providing platform developed by Shantai Technologies allowing individuals to make free calls to any mobile phones (smartphones) who are offline from the browser. Numbertank is site and an application, you can make free call to any country to any mobile. The exciting feature of this application is that you can enjoy 100 minutes of talk time every day. Number tank free calls having some unique feature day by day you can make 100 min free call to mobiles, before that you need to login to utilize 100 free minutes consistently.

There having choice to make all the more free minutes by finishing your offers in Numbertank screen page figure out and click on ‘earn more free minutes’ seen right underneath your free minutes depending on your home screen.

How to use Numbertank?

To start with you need to register on Numbertank with your email and phone number. You will get a confirmation code to your number for verification.


You can start inviting your frineds with email id and number, if that your friends are accepted and they enrolled you can make call to them.

What’s new in Numbertank?

Number Tank as of late released Android application to download, it’s a service platform can just use on your mobile or PC. Numbertank services can just use from browers.

Shantai Technologies creating Application additionally for Android, iPhone and other advanced cell, For android cell phones Shantai Technologies now creating Numbertank Android application and they transfer to Google Play. A portion of the Android clients are seeking on web “Numbertank App for Android ” still now not released or created furthermore for iPhone or any mobiles.