WhatsApp is a cross platform instant messaging application available for Android, Windows, iPhone, Blackberry and Nokia Smartphones to send video and audio messages for free. Users can access whatsApp on their phones, tablet, laptop, PC without any hack.

WhatsApp is now available on your web browser providing the users a rich communication experience. It is simply a computer based extension of your phone, where you’re sent or received messages get synced with your computer and phone and are accessible on both devices. Currently, WhatsApp Web is available for Android, Blackberry, Blackberry 10, Nokia (S40 EVO,S60), Windows (8.0 and 8.1), iPhone (8.1+) smartphones. Recently, Iphone support has been released by company, allowing IOS users to access WhatsApp Web.

Below is the detailed process to get WhatsApp on your PC

Minimum requirements to get WhatsApp Web are,

  1. An active WhatsApp account on your mobile phone.
  2. Stable and secure internet connection on both devices ( phone and computer)
  3. Latest version of web browser (Chrome, safari, Firefox, Opera) on your computer.

Get started,

Step 1: visit https://web.whatsapp.com in your web browser and also open whatsApp application on your phone.

WhatsApp Web 2015

Note :If you are doing it on tablet, view the desktop site.

  • For Android, Nokia, Windows: Open menu -> WhatsApp Web
  • For iPhone: Open settings -> WhatsApp Web
  • For BlackBerry: Open chats -> menu -> WhatsApp Web
  • For BlackBerry 10 : swipe from top to bottom of screen -> WhatsApp Web
  • For Nokia S40: Swipe from bottom to top of screen -> WhatsApp Web


Step 2: Check whether you installed the latest version of whtasapp on your phone. Go to whatsapp web option on your phone. You will get a QR code (Quick response code) on the screen of your computer and scan it.


Step 3: The interface which appears now is similar to the whatsApp phone users. Tap down the three dot option on the left side of the interface for more options. You can click notifications option to set (turn off or turn on) desktop alerts or sounds.


Step 4: On the phone you will click new message icon to start a conversation but on whatsApp Web, the search function let your start with the new conversation.

WhatsApp Web 2015-09-11 13-30-57

Step 5: When your phone and PC are linked you have the capacity to deal with your signed in PCs from your phone through the Options, WhatsApp on the web menu. From here you can log out from all PCs, or you can utilize the choices menu in WhatsApp on the web to log out from the PC you’re right now utilizing. WhatsApp will of course keep you signed in unless you indicate something else, yet having logged out you’ll have to experience the QR code handle again whenever you need to sign into WhatsApp. Messages present in both phone and PC are synced.


Note: Use WiFi while using WhatsApp Web to avoid extra data usage.