Billions of people are using facebook today. It is a popular online social networking platform that allows registered users create their profiles, share photos, videos, send messages, get connected to friends, relatives and many more.

Number of people spends most of their time in facebook uploading or sharing photos, watching shared videos, updating status, having conversation. But many security issues are arising due to which people get worried. Don’t worry !!

Facebook has been updating many new settings to keep your account secure. Instead, you need to be aware of few important things while using facebook.

Follow these instructions to keep your facebook account safe and secure,

1.Look at your profile as others look it

When you know how imminent your current Facebook setup is, you can choose what changes you have to make to your settings. To see your profile as others view it, sign into your account, click the gear symbol in the upper right corner, click Privacy Settings, and select Timeline and Tagging option in the left side of the page.

time line

Next, select View As which is on right side of “Review what other people see on your timeline” in the “Who can see things on my timeline?”. Select Okay to shut the pop-down window. Your timeline will then show up as people in general sees it, so you get to know how your profile will look to others and make any necessary changes if needed.

only me

If you have kept your settings visible to friends in your list only, then public can see only your profile photos, cover photos and also a link to contact or message you. To change your timeline and tagging settings, return back and click edit option present at right to “who can see posts you’ve been tagged in on your timeline?” and “who can see what others post on your timeline?” …choose your selections, save changes and then click close(down).

Browse securely

Facebook has made secure browsing as default for all the users. To check whether your profile is using secure connection or not, follow the below process, Open settings and click security option (left side) and check whether your secure browsing is enabled or not.

Limit access to you and your Facebook stuff

To confine access to your past and future Facebook posts, click Privacy in the left of the Account Settings. At that point pick Limit Past Posts under “Who can see my posts?” and Edit to one side of “Who can see your future posts?” in the same segment. A notice shows up when you endeavor to constrain access to all your past posts without a moment’s delay instead of changing the setting post-by-post.

future posts

The alternatives under “Who can contact me?” let you restrain companion demands and you can filter the messages you get. You can likewise confine who can find you by email address and number, who can gaze upward your course of events by name, and whether your calendar will link to search engines.

Be aware of Facebook advertisements

Facebook presently doesn’t let outsider applications or notice systems utilize your picture or name in ads, however that may change later on. To quit early, click Ads in the left sheet of the Account Settings window and pick Edit in the Third Party Sites area. Select “No one” in the drop-down menu under “In the event that we permit this later on, demonstrates my data to” and after that snap Save Changes.


To secure your profile from Facebook’s social advertisements, select Edit in the Ads & Friends area, pick “No one” on the drop-down menu beside “Pair my social activities with ads for,” and select save changes.