Whatsapp presented a web alternate of its well known informing platform toward the begin of 2015. It’s been an entire year since Whatsapp for web was aware yet what’s more with the service staying fixing to your mobiel phone, the web form hasn’t been overhauled with any prominent elements. Everything it does is allowing you to send and get messages, redo new message notifications, and quiet a conversation or a chat. A clear difference, the cell phone applications for Whatsapp offer more options one of which allows you to hide the “read” notifications. The web rendition isn’t as fortunate however ShutApp is a Firefox add-on that can help you solving your problem. It gives you a chance to read messages on Whatsapp for web however doesn’t send a “seen” report nor does it stamp the message as read.


Follow the below instructions to get done,

step 1 : Install Shutapp and go to Whatsapp for web.

Step 2: Click the extra’s symbol to enable what it calls ‘Whatsapp protection mode’. Once the protection mode has been enabled, you will have the ability to look at the messages on the web form without sending a read receipt to your contact.

Step 3: Our contacts will in any case realize that a message was sent to you yet they won’t know you read it. The “seen” status, or deficiency in that department will match up to your portable applications too i.e., messages will show up as new on both the web and mobile users too. In the event that, then again, you see a message on a versatile application that is designed to send a read receipt, your contact will know you read the message. The extra clearly doesn’t prevent a portable application from sending a read receipt on the off chance that you read a message on it. You can flip the read receipts On/Off by tapping the extra symbol beside the URL bar.