Before You Get Started, follow the below steps.

Before connecting, ensure that you have your WiFi network name (also called as SSID) and password (also called as a network key). For guidelines on the best way to find out this data, see Find and Share Your WiFi Network Name and Password.

Before you connect, a dual-band WiFi-able device to your in-home network, you might need to take in more about dual band WiFi. Assuming this is the case, please get to know what is WiFi?

How to Connect Computers, Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets ?

If you have WiFi-capable devices, you can connect them to your in-home network to download books, music, films and applications, to surf the web, and so forth. To discover more about the advantages of home systems administration, get to know What is Home Networking.

  1. When you have effectively set up your in-home WiFi network (see Plug In and Power Up Your Wireless Network with a Wireless Gateway), you should do nothing more than interface your WiFi-competent gadgets.
  2. Visit your network’s WiFi Settings menu and guarantee that WiFi is turned on. On the off chance that you utilize a remote connector, ensure WiFi is turned on through a catch on the connector or inside of the Settings menu.

For Windows devices: On your Windows desktop, tap on the Wireless Network symbol.


For windows with Apple Mac OS X: On your Mac desktop, tap on the WiFi symbol.

apple mac

For devices with Apple iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch): From the Home screen, tap the Settings symbol. In Settings, tap the Wi-Fi symbol.

apple ios

For Android devices: From the Apps screen, tap on the Settings symbol. In Settings, tap on Wireless and systems, and then on WiFi Settings.


Note: If your gadget’s working is not recorded, please allude to its client guide.

  • On your WiFi connecting device, select your remote entryway’s system name (see Find and Share Your WiFi Network Name and Password).
  • Try not to choose xfinitywifi, the XFINITY open WiFi system. (For more points of interest, please visit
  • Some WiFi-fit gadgets might provoke you for a PIN. On the off chance that you see a message like “Sort the 8-digit PIN from the switch show,” tap the Connect utilizing a security key rather interface.
  • Enter your password and tap the confirm button- commonly marked Join, Connect, or OK.
  • At the point when your WiFi-able gadget is associated, you will probably see a check stamp, the word Connected or another pointer by the system name.
  • 2.Connecting to Smart TVs
  • Open your Smart TV’s Network Settings, Network or Settings menu.
  • Select the WiFi or Wireless alternative and wait for the devices to verify for accessible remote systems (likewise once in a while alluded to as access focuses).
  • Select your Network Name (SSID) from the rundown of accessible systems.

Whenever incited, enter the Password (Key) utilizing the keypad on the remote control handset or onscreen keypad. On the off chance that you as of late changed your WiFi system name and/or secret key, you should rehash the above strides for every WiFi-proficient gadget on your system.

Note: your firewall and Parental Control settings, ought to be balanced for your Smart TV to associate with your in-home system. To unite a Smart TV, you might likewise require help setting up port sending or port activating; see Port Forwarding on the Wireless Gateway and Port Triggering on the  Wireless Gateway for more data.

  1. Connecting to Printers

Connecting to a remote printer to your remote system offers the comfort of printing from any in-home XFINITY system associated devices.

  • Open your printer’s control board.
  • Select the Setup alternative, which commonly shows up as a wrench symbol.
  • Select the Network menu.
  • Printers frequently have a Wireless Setup Wizard that rundowns the WiFi systems in your general vicinity. Select your Network Name (SSID).

In the event that your remote system is not recorded, look to the base of the rundown and enter your Network Name and Password.

On the off chance that the association is unsuccessful, have a go at printing a remote system test report to investigate the issue.

Note: Many printers are not WiFi-fit, so please allude to your printer’s client guide on the off chance that you are uncertain of its components. At the point when setting up a WiFi-skilled printer for your home system, you might require help with port sending or port activating;

  1. Connecting to Gaming Systems
  • Access your gaming framework, console or handheld gadget’s Network Settings menu.
  • Select the WiFi or Wireless association alternative and sit tight for the gadget to check for accessible systems (likewise some of the time alluded to as access focuses).
  • Select your Network Name (SSID) from the rundown of accessible systems.
  • Whenever provoked, enter your Password (Key) utilizing the amusement controller.

Gaming frameworks in some cases offer the choice to test your association with guarantee that the gadget is legitimately joined with your in-home WiFi network system.

It would be ideal if you guarantee that you have the most recent drivers and software installed on your WiFi device. On the off chance that you can’t join your gadget remotely, you might need to utilize an Ethernet link to interface it to the remote passage. Refer to your gadget’s client guide for investigating steps or security settings that might be extraordinary to the gadget.