Are you a small business owner? Have you created a twitter account for your business? A business account has major advantages than a personal twitter account, which helps increase your brand identity online. It helps you reach your audience or followers and also connects you with different organizations or businesses and business people.

Before you set up your business account, get to know what the purpose of your business on twitter is. You need to know how this platform helps you reach your business goal. The purpose of your business account should be brief and positive. Twitter is just an approach to reach your customer and build contacts and followers around the world.

Here are few simple steps that help you create a twitter account for your business in not less than 10 minutes,

  1. Sign up to create an account

sign up page

Visit Sign up to create an account by filling in the “valid email address”, account name (full name) and a password. It is quite important to keep you business email address and type in your business full name which shows on your account next to twitter icon. To know his helps individuals to get to know your brand online.

  1. Select twitter username

The next step is to select a username also known as “Handle”. Your user name is how you are recognized on Twitter. You will need to choose a Twitter handle that is effectively supposed as a feature of your business. This is useful when individuals look on twitter for your services, products or support you will begin to appear in the feed. In case you couldn’t manage or use your business name as your handle, make certain to utilize words for what you offer or administration. Handles are restricted to 15 characters and number towards the 140 character for every tweet you post. On the off chance that you utilize every one of the 15 characters then you just have 125 characters left for tweet in this way, you may need to make it shorten using shortcut worlds or symbols.

  1. Follow Tweeters

Follow different tweeters, find and take after surely understand individuals and include contacts. after Following other tweeters may help you when chosen your own tweets. Different tweeters can demonstrate to you what individuals tweet. Be that as it may, you can choose “skip” for any of these strides situated at the base left half of the page.

  1. Upload Images to your account

Upload a picture which will be appeared on your Twitter page and alongside all tweets you post. We propose you withdraw from using words or light colors. If your business has a basic logo this will give you more value to your account. On the other hand, if your business is small or you are a major piece of the brand consider using your picture. Individuals have a tendency to associate better with pictures of individuals as opposed to logos. In the event that you choose to use a photograph, make certain your picture is something you are glad to speak to you as well as, your business as well. An expert photograph would work extraordinary here! Your picture can be size of 700K. JPG, GIF and PNG.

  1. Build Biogrophy

You are allowed to write 160 characters for your business story. First know what your business does, how your business can help other people take care of their issues and keep a link to your business site. On the off chance that you are having an issue getting down to 160 characters try to delete descriptors or enlightening words (i.e. excellent, awesome, decent). Rather, observe approaches to be compact and to the point. This is a chance to give a fundamental depiction of your business, get to the heart of who you are and what your business does.

  1. Create Background

You can make a marked Twitter foundation. This is an impeccable chance to build brand mindfulness so exploit it. Just tap the sprocket situated on the upper left bar of your Twitter page. A drop down bar will show up. Select “settings” option. From here select “Design” situated on the left half of the page. Next select “change background”. And then save changes. If you don’t find enough time to create a background image then it’s better to keep your logo as your background image. Remember the size for the background image is 800k.

  1. Design Header

One of the most current features of Twitter is that you can design a header. Twitter suggests measurements of 1252×626 with a document size of 5MB. The header shouldn’t be diverting, stay away from content and centered pictures. Keep your header simple. For example, in the event that your business is to sell bikes, you could make it a photo of a street or a bike. Your Twitter symbol alongside bio will seem laid over your header.

When you have finished these above seven steps you can start tweeting! Post your introduction tweet and start managing in with present and potential audience. There are numerous advantages to setting up a business Twitter account. Twitter is useful for all the accompanying purposes, contingent upon what sort of business you have: building brand identity, managing in with current clients, systems administration and incorporating with other online networking. Thus, Twitter can turn into a great platform for promoting any business.