What is twitter for business?

Twitter – an online social networking service, where people can find instantly what’s happening all around the world, share their views or information through tweets and connect with the individuals or organizations all around the world. In addition, 80% of the users on Twitter are using the service through mobiles.

Twitter now has more than 300 million monthly active users and 500 million Tweets being sent consistently, Twitter offers your business a chance to reach the potential clients or customers to your business.

Twitter helps small, medium business to grow, market their business and get more number of customers or clients. Growing your business on Twitter is quite simple with good products or services.

Here are few suggestions to help your business could get a good value on Twitter:

  1. Listen and learn from it

Get to know what’s new and what’s going ahead in your industry and what your clients are much interested on. Make use of Twitter search to listen to the related discussions that are going on and turn into where you can add value.

  1. Drive awareness

Market the profile of your business and build the effect of your marketing strategies using so as to market Twitter to routinely speak with your followers. Improve your reach further more using Twitter Ads.

  1. Provide good customer service

73% of Small and medium Business Twitter users said Twitter gives them a brisk approach to answer to client administration issues. Use twitter to instantly and effectively respond to answer the customer’s queries and to build up a decent reputation for your business and to built strong relationship with better customers.

  1. Join with influencers

Twitter breaks the boundaries and empowers you to unite with anyone. It’s an incredible method for joining or beginning exchanges with influencers and industry specialists to raise the profile of your business and build profitable relations.

You need to follow few strategies to better interact with the customers and engage in with the conversations instantly and seamlessly,

  1. Tweet

A tweet is simply a message you like to post on Twitter (up to 140 characters). It can include text, pictures, a video or links)

twitter message

Note: whatever you include from above things, it will be counted as a link and that takes to 22 characters.

  1. Reply:

Sending a “reply” to react to a Tweet. Answering to a Tweet is a decent approach that helps businesses to build more connections with your followers and join in discussions.

  1. Retweet

A Retweet is the place you decide to take a Tweet from another person and Tweet it to your own particular followers. You can either do this simply with the Retweet option or you can utilize the Quote Tweet catch to add your own particular message to the first Tweet.

  1. Favorite

Favorite something is a better way for recognizing or demonstrating your thankfulness for a Tweet. It can likewise be valuable to use as a bookmarking device on the off chance that you need to effortlessly discover a Tweet once again in future.

  1. Hash tags

A hash tag is any word, or expression without spaces, starting with the #symbol. Individuals use hash tags to sort out discussions and make it less demanding to locate all substance identified with a given theme. Click on a hash tag to go quickly to the list items for that term.

  1. Mentions

Convey a Tweet to someone else’s consideration by incorporating their @username in your message. You could utilize it to make an inquiry, to express gratitude toward them or essentially to highlight a bit of information.