Create compelling blog content that will encourage social sharing and engagement

Today we are constantly being told to create engaging and shareable content, but how exactly is this done? Here we will take a look at some of the ways you can go about creating compelling blog content that will encourage social sharing and engagement.Most of the internet users nowadays have social media profiles and maximum of them spend at least a couple of hours in social networking sites. Social networks have become a great part of our life. Thus, for business owners it is a great platform to share content, interact with customers, and to promote business. If you are able to promote your business well in social networking sites then you will certainly generate a great amount of business revenue.  Though there are many advantages of promoting your business in social media but it also requires some dedication and hard work on your part.  Social network and business promotion are directly connected and if you lack on this part then you will certainly loose many potential customers.

First things first, you need to remember you are writing for a human audience and not search engine robots!

Know your business well:

First of all you should know your business well and know what you will promote. Who are your targeted audience? Will there be any discounts on your business? For instance, if your business is related to the computerised accounting courses then you should target relevant audience, promote your business according to your business product and the relevant people you feel would be interested in type of product. In this case it would be good to target small and medium sized businesses, schools and colleges and also financial institutions to begin with.

Remember you are writing for a human audience

It may sound obvious but it is important to remember that you are writing your blog content for human beings. Far too many website owners get caught up in the SEO side of blogging and end up over optimising their posts. Instead of stuffing your blog posts with keywords and phrases, think about addressing topics that may be of interest to your audience. Providing answers to relevant search queries within your blog posts is a great way to meet the needs of your audience, whilst also boosting your search rankings.

Make your blog content visually engaging

Although written content is great, from time to time you may want to consider changing things up a little! Infographics, images and even amusing memes are great for making your blog content visually engaging and encouraging social sharing. The more people that share your content, the wider your audience will be. Next time you are thinking of publishing results from a report you have produced on your blog post, why not consider turning the results into an infographic? This way your blog readers can consume the information they need quickly and easily. Providing the information you have included is of interest to your readers, it is likely that they will share the infographic on their social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Google + and even image sharing websites like Pinterest. Users are much more likely to share your content if it is visually engaging, so why not think about including videos, photographs or even an infographic?

Social media pages:

Create your social media pages for your business. You can create your business page in Facebook, LinkedIn and promote your business product, provide regular updates, give new and interesting facts about your business. In this way your audience you will be engaged and will have interest in your business. You can also use Twitter Hashtags to get new potential customers.

Spark conversation by asking a question

One of the best ways to encourage users to engage with your blog posts is to ask them a question at the end of the post. For example, say you had written a post featuring tips on how freelancers can motivate themselves at home. At the end of the post you could ask your readers if they have any more tips they could add. Alternatively, you could ask your readers for their feedback on your content. Say you had posted a new promotional video for your company on your blog; at the end of the post you could ask what users think of the video. This will encourage them to reply with their comments, interact with you on social media and share your blog content.

Make it easy for users to share your content

You cannot expect users to share your content unless you provide them with an easy way to do so. Make sure that you have ‘social sharing’ buttons implemented on your blog, so that users can share your content with a click of the mouse button.If you do not have social sharing buttons and are unsure how to install them, get in touch with your web designer.

Create content consistently

Once you have hooked your audience in with your great content, it is essential that you keep them coming back for more and the best way to do this is by posting content consistently. Creating and posting unique, engaging and relevant blog content on a regular basis will help you to increase engagement, build up a following and improve your SEO (Google Hummingbird loves constant content). Something we encourage you to do is look at your analytics to find out the best time to publish content. This should be the time that users are most active on your website or blog. By publishing your content at this optimal time, you will stand a better chance at capturing users’ attention and engaging with them.

Keep your page updated:

Many people will look at your business page before they follow and like it. Hence, you should post informative and valuable information about your business which expresses your business well and update your page frequently. Post pictures, add reviews of your clients and if your have any videos on You Tube then share them on your page. It will certainly make your business page interesting to your viewers.

Review similar business and comment:

Apart from promoting your business directly you can also check out similar business pages and like and comment on them. Also post your comments on other similar business websites and on various forums. It this way you can also attract customers to check out your business and your business page.

Find followers:

Your friends and family members will be the first people to like and follow your page. Ask them to promote your page through their profiles. Search relevant keywords for your business on Twitter and find followers. Look at your town and nearby other placesin order to findoutlets, bloggers, and city officials.

Reduced promotion costs:

Most of the social networking sites are free to use and put you within immediate contact with potential clients without you needing to pay a penny. You might just need to send an email to current clients, requesting them to join, like, follow your business. If you even have minimum budget for your promotion then you also you can buy advertisement which will appear to those profiles which are interested in your business products. Normally the expense of any online advertisement is less than any TV or print advertisements.

Things you must never do on social media:

Do not reply to everybody. You must not respond to every comment about your company and not respond the comments on the facebook page. These comments will only facilitate more discussion and backlash and matters only get worse. If you do not like something then delete the comment or just choose to ignore the comment.

Do not respond Trolls: People who comment on the forums and spam facebook pages are nothing but trolls. Therefore take care that you do not respond to these trolls as it only adds fuel to the fire. Just keep your calm and stay away from them. When you lose it, it will only facilitate aggression and make you an even easier target, as they do not care about the social media.

Do not react immediately: If you have no wish to respond to a critical time, then you must wait and take your time. It is natural to feel angry and defensive that your hard work is insulted but when you respond when you are angry you will only make the matters worse for your brand or business. So as soon you receive a comment just breath, take some time whether minutes or hours or a day to respond. If you do not know how to respond in such conditions, just ask a friend or a family member whether you have responded right or not. Remember silence is always better in such situations.

Never insult people: We grew up hearing people say if you do not have something to say to anybody then it is better not to say anything at all. Of course when others are being rude and aggressive, it is hard to control yourself. It is difficult to handle the feedback when people are responding in a rude way, but you must not respond with personal attacks it is unprofessional and when you do so, the good ones will not come to you if you be a jerk too. You must be able to accept criticism without considering it personal.

Learn to turn away: When you face unwelcoming feedback on social media you should know when to talk away. Remember not every comment needs a response and not every blog post too needs a comment. Though there is a heated debate about your brand or service it is important you know when you need to respond and when to turn away. When you choose to walk away you will see for yourself how the negative conservation dies off.