Increase the lifespan of your mobile battery with these tips

If you take your phone charging everyday for granted, then it will get annoying as your phone battery will not last long and you will have to soon replace it. Therefore if you want to save your phone battery and increase the lifespan of your phone battery then you have to know how to manage the phone’s battery life. The following are some tips to increase your battery life.

 Power saving mode

This is an easy way of saving your phone battery. There is the power saving mode on all the smart phones on the phone’s settings that will make your phone use less power.


You do not have to always use the 3G mode on your phone. You can turn it off when there is no use for it. It is better to use the GPRS for low power consumption. The same goes for the Bluetooth and the WI-Fi. This way you can cut on the email refreshes and push emails, that consume a lot of phone data and the battery power too.


No one needs to stay connected through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter while you are jogging in the park or in a business meeting. Therefore it is better to close them to save battery power. For Nokia phone users you can get the app “App Stop” which will kill the functioning apps in an instant. You can also download the app “ Battery Life Extender” which will extend a 30 % of your phone’s standby time.

Reduce the screen brightness

Your phone does not require full on brightness even when you are outdoors. This high brightness will consume a lot of battery life. Therefore reduce it to a level where you can save a lot of battery power.

Good battery

Use Lithium Poly Ion batteries to get more talk time and save 40% of your phone battery than when use regular batteries. You have to maintain these batteries at an optimum temperature that is room temperature and absolutely away from heat or your battery will drain.

Lower your ringtone volume

If you are not in a noisy outdoor setting, you must turn down the ringtone volume. If you have your phone in your hand or holding it close, then you have to select a phone profile, that has a ringtone with a very minimal volume. You must not turn your phone into the vibration mode as it is not power efficient. The vibrate mode will consume a lot of power.

AMOLED Black screen

You have to place a black background on your AMOLED screen, as your phone will consume less amount of power when black is displayed.

Follow these simple tips that are frugal and very cheap they will save your phone battery.