In 2020, Internet security is strengthening its position. Increasingly, people have become interested in possible methods of protecting their data in the world information web. After all, without the use of the Internet today it is difficult to imagine our life. We use messengers, browsers, make financial transactions and also conduct our own blogs on various Internet sites and platforms. But how can you protect yourself when performing everyday Internet routine?

Try to use Utopia P2P Ecosystem – the only tool that will protect you and your data in 2020!

Utopia P2P Ecosystem: What is it?

Utopia is a closed decentralized ecosystem that is built on the circle principle. Its foundation is a peer-to-peer architecture. It means that it does not use a single server to store user data. Instead, it creates a separate server for each user, which is accessed by a personal key generated during registration. Also, it is the user’s nickname. Above all, the client does not enter their data and uses the ecosystem entirely anonymously.

As the primary encryption method, sophisticated multi-level encryption is used, based on the use of a high-speed Elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES, which reliably store and protect data from any leaks and hacking.

Besides, the ecosystem is suitable for use on any operating system, including Windows, IOS, Linux. A stable Internet connection is an important requirement for successfully connecting to the ecosystem’s capabilities.

Utopia provides access to a great scope of functional possibilities:

  • Instant messenger that allows users to exchange quick text and voice messages. They can be painted with cool stickers and emoticons that have the brand name of the ecosystem. Bloggers can create channels for communication and tag them on the uMap, for quick and easy search.
  • E-mail is an excellent alternative to traditional file sharing, as it provides reliable transfer of confidential files and documents of any size and format between colleagues.
  • Idyll Browser
  • An anonymous browser built on uNS technology, which involves anonymous and secure use of any sites that are already created in the ecosystem. Thanks to tunnel data technology, each user can create and add new sites that will be available to everyone.
  • The ecosystem has its own cryptocurrency – crypton, which is stored in the user’s electronic wallet. It can be used to perform any transaction operations within the ecosystem.
  • Mining bot.

The ecosystem offers each user the possibility of additional earnings of cryptons, thanks to the use of a built-in bot. It charges cryptons for the each Internet session through Utopia.

The ecosystem allows you to enable Hybrid Mode and use several functional tools simultaneously in one open window.

Appreciate all the benefits of the latest and unique ecosystem of our time!

Be one step ahead of any threat! Use Utopia P2P Ecosystem!