Google is always evolving, introducing new features and new algorithms as it goes. This is a good thing, even though it doesn’t always feel like it for marketers. It means marketers always have to be on the lookout, just in case a change hits that could negatively impact all digital marketing efforts for clients.

Let’s make this clear though, Google isn’t making these changes purely to annoy marketers. No, Google definitely has bigger fish to fry in this crazy online world. In fact, Google makes these changes to make you, the searcher, have an easier time finding exactly what you’re looking for. Why? Because if you always find exactly what you’re looking for, you’re going to keep using the search engine that helps you find it. That’s how Google has grown, and that’s why we love it.

Not surprisingly, it’s also why businesses like yourself, and essentially anyone who owns a business today, love it. It is the number one search engine in the world, which means it gives businesses a lot of opportunities to get eyes on their site (website visibility). One of the nifty features Google introduced back in June 2014 was Google My Business, an interface that allows local businesses to gain more visibility in their immediate local area.

Essentially, Google My Business is a platform created by Google that allows businesses to have more control over how they’re represented across all Google Platforms. It allows people to find you using Google Maps when optimised effectively and allows past clients to validate the great services you provide. Heck, it even allows you to create micro websites right there on GMB. But now, it has a lot of users questioning if all the effort, strategy implementation, and management is really worth it? So, the question is – does Google My Business still get you enough business to justify all the time you’re spending on it? – We think that hell yes!

Google My Business is worth it. Yes, there are slight pitfalls, as there are with all things online. But they’re far outweighed by the benefits of dedicating time to a good Google My Business Strategy. So here are the reasons we still fangirl over Google My Business and why we think you should too.

1.  Web Wide Visibility

Put simply, using Google My Business ensures that you receive greater visibility online. Like most marketers, external and independent apps and websites also use Google My Business to gain information. So if someone is ever seeking information about your particular industry in your location, and you’ve taken the initiative to fill out all the information required on your GMB, you can be damn well certain that you’re going to be one of the businesses shown when they search. That’s why keeping information updated is so essential!

2.  Winning First Impressions

You know when you go to the shops in your pajamas and you’ve got no shoes on and a birds nest for hair? You’re hoping to hell that you don’t run into anyone you know, and then you run into that person you’ve been crushing on? You start kicking yourself because you could have made the effort, you could have gotten out of your damn pajamas and worn some shoes at least, but no – you didn’t think it was worth the effort. And now they’ve seen you looking less than desirable and they no longer seem interested.

That my friend is the real-life version of Google My Business. Put in the effort, or don’t. But when the customer comes knocking, looking for a product or service and they go with your competitor who decided to take the effort to give their GMB some loving attention – I guarantee you’ll be wishing you had put the effort in to. Because nothing in this world beats a winning first impression.

3.  Better Insights

Google my Business also has insights that reveal important information about your customers. It shows exactly how and when customers are discovering you helping you to have a better handle on where your customers are coming from so you can tweak and adjusts your marketing efforts.

 4.  Easy Review Management

If you don’t know by now, your Google Reviews are a MASSIVE component of your website’s SEO. But being able to manage your reviews is not only great for SEO, it’s also great for role modelling seriously good customer service. You have the opportunity to thank raving 5-star reviewers for their kind words, and also a massive opportunity to showcase how you handle negative criticism on the unfortunate occasions that you do, and turn a negative into a positive two-way conversation.

 5.  Convenient Posting

Google My Business has a “Posting” feature allowing you to constantly keep people updated about your business right there on your GMB profile. From blogs, to sale banners, you can easily create and update your GMB by posting blogs, and it’s also good for your SEO by always ensuring you’re keeping it fresh and making use of your GMB profile. It’s not just Mountain Dew that loves to keep it fresh, Google does too!

6.  Consistent Business Information

If you ever search your business online and see incorrect information, Google My Business is the hub spot that allows you to claim your business, and fix any errors that may have arisen. By updating your business information in Google My Business, you’re ensuring that your business is now accurate across the entirety of Google, and yes that includes independent apps that use Google to gain their information too.

7.  It’s totally FREE

Let’s not forget the number one reason you’d be crazy to give GMB the flick, it’s 100% free. There are zero fees involved in having your business visible on Google My Business. There’s no management fees, nothing! It’s simply a platform that is helping Google to provide more accurate information for its searchers.

So yes, we stand by our original statement that “Hell yes, Google My Business is worth it to improve your local SEO!”. If you find creating a Google My Business account really daunting then we suggest to look for a local SEO service provider who could give you a hand with this. And what better way to find businesses like this than to check some of the Google My Business results when searching Google for a SEO service provider near you.