Are Custom Desktop Applications Still Necessary?

Given the advancements in JavaScript and HTML, as well as some significant improvements in the web browsers, Internet-based applications gain a growing popularity. Indeed, Google apps suite for the browser can easily compete with Microsoft Office. However, you shouldn’t give up on custom software development just yet. The user may still face the need to have a dedicated desktop application. Keenethics in which cases such software solutions may prove essential:

To work with audio and video

If you have massive amounts of audio and video data to process, it is most likely that you won’t get by without a customized desktop application. It will employ as much computing power as needed to ensure a smooth working process. This equally applies to any other application that requires intense use of resources.

To get access to system files or hardware

Online security is vital. For this reason, most of the Internet-based applications are granted restricted permissions and sandboxed. Similar restrictions apply to some lower-level operating system functions or connection with peripheral devices. As to web-based applications, this access can sometimes be obtained with the help of additional components that need to be installed separately. Similarly, it is not always necessary to address full-length native application development.

To obtain a unique look and feel

Very often, this is the main purpose of design and development. Also, some software solutions need to follow specific UI requirements. These days, browsers can be customized in a number of different ways, but this cannot compare to the transformations that can be done to a computer desktop.

Today’s custom desktop applications can make a desktop look stunning and unique. You can choose the extent to which you’d like to enhance your computer desktop, from simply changing icons to creating a customized informative HUD. Some of the most popular application that you can use for such purposes include:


This is the best variant for you if you don’t need anything too fancy or complicated. This application enables you to refresh the design of your desktop by replacing standard icons with a set of cute unusual alternatives. Choose a minimalist design or thematic holiday icons to create the desired mood.


The application enables you to run other programs on six separate virtual desktops. You can easily switch between desktops using keyboard and mouse. Each side of a cube can be customized individually, which makes this application an excellent tool for the organization of the desktop space. Namely, you can arrange a separate space for work, entertainment, web-browsing, etc., and then swiftly move from one desktop to the other.


This application can help you create a dream desktop. It provides an opportunity for a full-length customization of the workspace including a ton of themes, skins and a variety of widgets. This is one of the best options when it comes to creating informative, functional, and good-looking HUD.

Desktop applications are not going anywhere soon, so if you need one for your product, contact Keenethics – top rated software development agency that would be able to implement your idea.