Online website presence is the current trend in IT business market, leading many aspiring start-up holders and business graduates in the most successful way. India is now moving towards best technologies led by professional expertise team with VPS server hosting. India is the biggest nation holding a giant number of engineering graduates on the globe, and many of the world top multinational companies like Microsoft and Google have their CEO and other body heads form India.

Most of the companies in India are running a website to create a robust online presence for their businesses. Nowadays even small enterprises are willing to set up a separate website, and the count may rise in future. Due to this reason, the demand for hosting is increasing day by day India. Many companies in India are coming forward to offer highly beneficial VPS hosting services with advanced features at an affordable price. Here we have listed out the benefits of choosing a VPS hosting in India.

VPS hosting from Indian hosting companies will be a great benefit to your business in India targeting Indian clients and huge visitor traffic from the Asian region.

Check out a few advantages of VPS hosting in India:


Superfast Connectivity

Any VPS server in India gets you the fastest connectivity as the servers are located at a local place adding power to your business. Local server ensures to offer network speed and fantastic web browsing experience. Indian VPS providers have state of art Data centres located at premium locations in India, with amazing first-class IT Infrastructure and high-end security services to guarantee speedy network connectivity within and regions around India.

As the servers are locally hosted, your website will load quickly because of lower latency rate. Customers are likely to visit your website again and again if the loading speed is good and it increases the overall ranking of your website. You will be able to target many local people when your business is located in India. The location of the hosting will be the primary reason if you are worried about the slow loading speed of your website.

Customers may fed up with slow websites, and they will look for another alternatives.  Consider local hosting provider to stay away from this issue. Apart from the problems mentioned that we have mentioned earlier, a slow loading website will also affect your website’s SEO. Along with off page and on page SEO efforts, you must also concentrate on the hosting location to boost up your Google ranking.

Totally economical:

VPS hosting in India offers you the cheapest virtual private servers when compared to other VPS services at remaining countries. Most of the countries around the world have high-value currency, which increases their servers and maintenance costs. But in India, paying in INR is most economical matter, begin affordable to any sized organisation.

Price is the most crucial factor that you should consider before buying a VPS hosting. It is essential to choose the host that is ready to offer premium features without letting you pay more. If in case you are looking for a managed hosting, you must be ready to spend more as you will get a higher level of resources long with complete server management.

Some USA hosting companies may promise you with unlimited bandwidth before purchasing the plan, but they might be offering the same later. You won’t come across this problem when you choose a VPS hosting in India. As they are located within the country, it becomes easier to fight legally in case of unresolved issues.

Transparent and Flexible payment

Local hosting providers offer you the most flexible payment terms for your VPS hosting in India and most transparent pricing quotes. You need to pay for what your use. No hidden or added costs to mentioned quotations. They do have different VPS plans in monthly and yearly packages with various price ranges to suit your business economies. You don’t need to set up a PayPal account, or any other medium for international payments as all the Indian hosting providers accept payments via debit card, credit card, UPI and e-wallets. Your investment will be saved as you will get rid of taxes that you need to pay when you choose to host from the USA or any other country.


There are many VPS hosting providers in India high-speed network, top notch website performance and continuous business uptime. The leading hosts maintain redundant server cluster technology to keep your website servers up all the time and running round the clock with extra power and flexibility. As the servers are located at tier 4 data centres that ensure 99.965 uptime, your programs will never be disturbed either because of planned or unplanned activity. You can trust their services as money back guarantee will be offered on all hosting plans and the latest security features will be deployed to make your website more secure.


Indian companies will offer you the best VPS hosting servers with VMware Virtualization platform to satisfy your business challenges and improve productivity. The VPS hosting providers in India promise to offer to high bandwidth to your small or large enterprise to manage or access your business need even from most remote locations in India. It is extremely reliable with 100% uptime for web hosting requirements.

Responsive support team:

All the VPS hosting customers in India are supported with 24/7 support services. There will be dedicated technical staff members to respond instantly dealing with your technical issues in a user-friendly manner. All the companies have a dedicated team to offer support services in the local language all around India, to maintain the most user-friendly services.

The team works round the clock, administering unlimited tickets from the customer end. If you face any unexpected error with your website, it goes unresolved and may cause a lot of damage if an immediate solution is not provided. The advantage with Indian VPS server is that you will get immediate assistance through the highly trained technical support team that is available any day and night. You don’t need to worry about the loss of potential services as long as the dedicated customer support team is under action. Don’t forget that you will be able to communicate and get the best support in the local language.

 VPS hosting enables to host your numerous websites in a scalable virtual environment within a portioned server. Multiple websites can be managed without interfering with any of the website performance. A wide range of VPS resources is available to our clients with VPS hosting services at India. You the most flexible resources allocation and management methods to meet your growing business needs.

The overall configuration will play an important role in the performance of the website. The time comes when your website starts getting more traffic than the expected one, in such situation you might be thinking to upgrade the existing hosting plan. Indian hosting providers like server basket won’t impose huge charges for upgrading RAM, CPU, operating system and other resources that your website may require.

Bottom line

As we have mentioned, there are a lot of benefits that you need to consider before purchasing a VPS hosting. Even though there is a lack of proper infrastructure in Indian hosting industry the scenario would complete change in the upcoming days due to the ever increasing demand for local hosting. We know that most of the users will get confused while picking the right server, the website may lose potential visitors if a wrong location is selected. One must know the positive sides of the VPS server in India to be on the safe side. Your business is likely to expand quickly as the website will be soon listed on search engines when you go for a hosting that is located within India.