Many people do not know how to use Twitter effectively, much less how to attract followers to your Twitter account. According to a recent study Association of Digital Economy (1), only 5% of Twitter users have more than one thousand followers. And that, according to the same study, nearly 70% of users is related to the online world professionally. But without followers, to whom will you communicate? Without followers, you cannot take advantage of Twitter as a marketing tool and communication. Therefore, you should give yourself time to create a community on Twitter, which is not difficult, but do not explain how to do it all. Here I tell you how I managed not 500, but 700 followers in a week.

Create an attractive profile

  1. Write a funny Bio and “magnetic”.When people visit your profile Twitter because you followed, one of the first things you see is what treats your Twitters. Write an attractive bio want to give follow.
  2. Your bio must agree with your tweets.If people go to your profile after reading your bio, and see tweets that do not belong, they will not follow you.
  3. Use keywords that people can search.Remember the words of Twitter they are “searchable”. If you are in the area of tourism, put keywords like “travel”. As I mentioned in my article Twitter for newbies, do not forget to ask: who want to attract on Twitter? Who wants to follow me and know the added value I can give my tweets? Do not put anything. Reflect a little with who you would like to be in relationship.
  4. Do not be anonymous. Put your name, if you want to get a personal reputation. Or put the name of your company if you want to promote your company. Or put a brand name with which you wish to identify.
  5. Put a “good picture”:clear, smiling … It’s the first impression that counts … A professional look and pleasant “will pull” more people.
  6. Include your website if you have one. It is a way for people to know you more.

Join the community

  1. Create good titles!One of the most important things in advertising and the press is the title. The headlines attract attention, arouse curiosity and become the most read articles. For example, a study says, a small but interesting survey results, 29% reported having done tweets without seeing the content!
  2. Create titles for your niche!Again, do not forget that the key to marketing is to go to your market, and online marketing, go to your niche and according to your niche titles, people who see your tweets will think: “This person has valuable information that can be useful to me.” If they find that what you give is useful, they will want more and they will come back!
  3. Do not be boring!You need to be interesting. Interesting people get followers, people do not interesting. According to the same 36% of respondents said that makes “retweets” of Twitter users “perceptive and intelligent”.
  4. Adds value to your posts!If your professional Twitter account, just put tweets “just go to the gym”, “I went to bed late yesterday , ” etc., you are not adding value to your followers or those who want follow you. Try to give maximum possible value for your target segment. These are the easiest way to get free Twitter followers.
  5. Responds to people.Go to people personally. Maintain a positive and friendly contact with the people who follow you.

Promote your Twitter account

  1. Put your Twitter account on your website or in your signature. So you are telling people that you’re on Twitter, and you will be invited to follow.
  2. Write about Twitter on your site. It helps people to understand Twitter or become followers on Twitter, and many who are helping you follow.