The gaming industry is a success story that has taken a lot of people by surprise. We all know that for a couple of generations movies have generated vast amounts of publicity with box office openings worth untold millions, if not billions, for the very biggest releases. Most people even just a decade or so ago wouldn’t have guessed that today the gaming industry rivals, if not exceeds, Hollywood’s best efforts, but this is surely the case.

However, as with every other major medium including film and TV, games companies have had to take into account the growth of the Internet and apps and the way these even more recent developments have transformed the way we interact with our entertainment choices and needs. The fact that hardware and software continue to get better and cheaper means that the developers of end-user interfaces need to fully understand what consumers want and adapt their offerings to reflect this.

Changing faces

It’s a sad fact that the typical ‘nerd’ image has been one attached to the idea of a ‘gamer’ in popular culture for quite some time. Of course, nothing could really be further from the truth as the wide range of game subject matter and the innovative ways they are deployed means that the demographic reached by the gaming industry is far wider than non-gamers might like to admit. With the advent of powerful smartphone tech only a decade ago, the forward thinking gaming companies were always going to be ahead of the pack when it came to understanding the potential for capable, mobile, always-on devices. It is therefore no surprise that the mobile-first world has seen a reaction from some of the leading games providers that not only makes the most of the devices but also actually ends up pushing their development forward. As the point comes ever closer than the majority of people on the whole planet will own a smartphone, it means that everyone has the potential to be a gamer.

Mobile games

With this in mind, mobile games have taken on a lease of life of their own. Of course there are ‘lite’ versions of the most popular blockbusters that can be played on smaller screen devices, but some of the most popular mobile games have been custom made for smaller screens and a range of resolutions with great success. With the availability of wireless Internet becoming ubiquitous apps have become an industry in their own right, and the subset of gaming apps has played a big role in this development. Another aspect is the way that so called ‘social’ behaviors have been taken up by such a large number of people, with the successes of the major social networks being plain for all of us to see. Within this sector various shared gaming experiences have emerged that take on a much lighter aspect than more serious multi-player gamer favorites that nevertheless provide a simple distraction for millions of people to enjoy.

The gambling industry

Other industries have taken advantage of all of these different developments to offer their own new mobile-first solutions. The gambling industry has adopted online casino games that can appeal to anyone with a handheld device no matter what the processor power or screen resolution. Games creators have been called upon to come up with enjoyable and fun versions of traditional casino favorites such as blackjack, poker and roulette. Check out the top 10 Microgaming casinos for yourself and see exactly how it all works. The appeal for consumers is a simple interface that offers the chance to gamble and have fun at the same time, using the tried and tested methods that have made all the most famous mobile app games such a viral success in the past.

Future adaptations

Of course none of us can predict the future and if we could online gambling would take on a whole new level of appeal! However, it’s probably a decent bet to say that future tech developments will see the gambling industry and gaming in general adapt even faster and to a greater degree to the new opportunities even better tech will undoubtedly bring with it. As new and advanced e-commerce systems continue to evolve alongside gaming tech, the whole concept of gambling made change in the way it is perceived, as more of our financial transactions become ‘virtual only’ and all of us feel more secure dealing with our money online.