Virtual reality has long been a hot topic in science-fiction, but 2016 looks to be the year where things get a little more serious thanks to some great consumer products that will help us explore amazing artificial environments.

So if you’re looking to take your first cautious steps into the virtual world, here’s a look at what the top tech companies are promising so that you can enjoy amazing space simulators and mobile casinos games in much more immersive way!

Oculus Rift

When Facebook bought Oculus Rift for $2 billion, it sent shockwaves through the fledgling VR community and instantly illustrated that virtual reality was well on its way from being a hobbyist pastime, to becoming a groundbreaking consumer activity. And Facebook’s gamble is looking to have paid off, as this year’s preorders of the consumer-friendly Oculus Rift has already revealed that demand has exceeded supply.

And with the headsets offering a zero-latency immersive experience of intense space adventures like Elite: Dangerous, it signals the fact that our gaming futures will become increasingly visceral.

HTC Vive

One of Oculus Rift’s early competitors is the HTC Vive that’s already impressed many tech fans through some innovative adaptations such as the Manus VR gloves that aim to deliver an extra-sensory experience to the gamer’s first virtual reality experience.

Already there’s been an impressive range of games released for the HTC Vive, and with the Lucky Nugget Casino blog suggesting that we may soon see VR gambling hitting our headsets alongside the brand’s mobile-friendly slots, roulette and poker games, it seems that there’s no limit to the fun that we can have in our virtual worlds.

PlayStation VR

But the biggest virtual reality event is expected to come later this year when Sony finally release their exciting PlayStation VR. This will aim to provide gamers with a virtual gaming experience at a more competitive price point, and with games like Battlezone and Drive Club offering great examples of the first truly virtual gaming worlds, the device’s release could prove to be a watershed moment for VR fans.

Virtuix Omni

One of the biggest concerns about virtual reality has been VR gamers complaining of feeling motion sickness due to the disorientating effects of the artificial realities. But the impressive Virtuix Omni looks to overcome these queasy issues by providing a VR gaming experience that the player can physically move around. So whether the gamer is visiting a virtual casino, or exploring a strange alien world, thanks to these endeavors, things should hopefully be a little less uncomfortable!