RetouchMe App is a photo editing software where the user uploads photos to be edited and gets the work done by professionals on the app. The app can give your amateur photos a professional face lift which is quite useful in editing photos for a portfolio.

Reasons why you should choose this app

The reasons why you should choose this app include:

  1. Its speed

It is super-fast in editing photos; get a lot of work done on multiple photos all in less than 15 minutes. The time frame for a job is not limited to the number of photos that you upload on the app. This is made entirely possible by the app’s ability not to take turnaround time during the editing process.

  1. It is easy to use

You are not required to have any photo editing skills. All you need to do is upload your photos and let the RetouchMe team do the rest. The app is usable by anyone in any age group who has access to the internet and a computer and the photos that you receive back from the team will be highly professional and to our satisfaction.

  1. It is affordable

Editing your photos will not put a dent in your bank account. They offer their users amazing discounts when they do bulk editing and even without the discounts the charges are still fairly low. Downloading the app is also quite cheap and anyone can afford to get it. This app offers you professional services without the attached price tag.

How to use the app

  1. Choose the photos you want to edit then upload.
  2. Select the touch up features you want to be applied on your photos from the touch up options on your app
  3. Take a few minutes off and do something else as you give the app team time to work on your photos
  4. You will receive your edited photos from the team and then you are free to upload them directly to your social media platform or just save them on your computer for future use.

Editing features

This app offers very many features to its users. You can edit so many aspects of your photo using the app.

  1. Body shape editing

You can reshape your entire body or just parts of your body using this app. You can create the perfect body shape for your photo with very easy steps. One can reduce the size of the waste, increase the hips or reduce them, remove fat folds and so many other things.

    2.Background editing features

There are so many editing options for you photo background. You can choose to change part of your background or create a new one entirely. You can decide to remove a few objects from your background and keep the rest or change the background color so as to enhance the appearance of the photo.

3.Skin editing features

Perfect the appearance of your skin using very simple steps. You can clear any pimples or acne on your skin, remove cellulite and even out your skin tone using this app. This app can even reduce the aging effects on your skin by eradicating wrinkles and making you look 20 years younger.

4.Face editing features

The wonders you can do to your face on this app are endless. You can change the appearance of your facial features, remove blemishes and enhance the colour of the makeup on your face to give the perfect look.


The app offers the user a wide range of features that can do the following:

  • Reduce the size of your legs so they appear smaller or thinner
  • Remove pimples and other blemishes from your face and skin
  • Reduce the size of your waist and tummy
  • Remove fat folds completely from the picture

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