Isn’t mobile technology omnipresent nowadays? For so many people, their mobile devices have become almost as important as food. One estimate suggested that there are more people across the globe that own a mobile phone than those that have constant access to basic amenities. This proves that mobile phones already are an integral part of life.

Mobile apps and gamification are utilized more and more in order to make a social impact and help people live their everyday lives. Take Crowdrise and SuperBetter, for instance. Crowdrise allows its users to take on fundraising initiatives in a form of gameplay, with prizes, competitive activities and ratings from users, which is a fun and creative way to fund your business. SuperBetter was designed for people struggling with psychological problems, and helps them to get over these problems in form of a game.

Image Credit: Nat Geo Wild Slots via FB

However, games and recreational apps can go further than that. An example of a social initiative undertaken by FarmVille game app developers is the 2010 Haiti fundraising campaign. The gaming app helped collect over one and a half million dollars for the victims and their families, whose estimated number was over 3 million people! The initiative was very positively received, and the United Nations have expressed their gratitude to FarmVille for being able to raise so much money in so little time.

With the aim of creating more possibilities for such social impact, Max Polyakov, the founder of Murka and Noosphere Ventures, has created Nat Geo WILD Slots™ jointly with National Geographic. The game is a classic example of a slot which features high-quality visual content provided by NatGeo’s photographers. The slot integrated pictured of different peoples and tribes, rare species and natural landscapes.

Max Polyakov of Murka and Noosphere Ventures said that this is exactly the kind of cooperation which brings social gaming to a whole new level. The gamers will have a unique opportunity to gain a better understanding of various pressing social issues and actually do something practical to help.

Such collaborations are a good way for funds and NGOs to connect with wider audiences. The games can be both entertaining and educational, and be perfect for casual gamers like to play online NZ casino, whose numbers are much larger than those of core gamers out there. Murka and Noosphere Ventures are happy to collaborate with funds and social initiatives, said Max Polyakov.

Mr. Gutierrez, the representative of the Nat Geo License department, stated that it is very exciting to be part of such a project. With the help of Murka, Noosphere Ventures and Max Polyakov in particular, National Geographic team was able to expand their audiences and come up to a whole new level of communicating with mobile users.

Max Polyakov of Noosphere Ventures and Murka is also hopeful about future endeavors of this kind. They believe that joint efforts of the entertainment industry and social projects will help create better opportunities for solving the world’s most pressing issues, like hunger, natural disasters or scarcity of national resources.