appIs your app not as successful as you hoped for it to be? Here are some signs it’s time for an app update to help increase downloads.

In 2018, there were 205.4 billion app downloads.

What’s more, this number is projected to grow even more by 2022, surpassing 258 billion annual downloads!

App developers around the world are cashing in on this trend.

After all, anyone can build an app and generate a serious amount of revenue.

However, if your app isn’t quite as successful as you want it to be, it may be in need of an app update. App updates can increase downloads and boost your profits.

Keep reading to learn more about the common signs that an update is in order.

  1. Your Users Aren’t Active

Your users may all be fired up about your app to start. After all, what’s not to love?

However, you may have noticed that many of these eager users aren’t as engaged as they used to be. In fact, user inactivity may be your primary cause for concern.

What does inactivity mean?

Basically, this means that you have users who have downloaded your app, but they aren’t using it as frequently as you’d like. In fact, they likely don’t use your app at all in a period of thirty days.

They may completely cease to use your app after a given period of time or even delete it.

Generally, this can happen in the second or third month of app use.

Don’t let inactivity scare you. It can actually be a great indicator of your next steps as a developer.

For example, it may simply be an indication of some of the points in this post. Your app may not be user-friendly enough, or it may not be “fresh” enough for users’ needs.

As a result, users may feel less inclined to open it up.

Alleviate this issue of inactivity with an app update. Updates can compel inactive users back on track–and attract new users to boot.

  1. You’re Losing Revenue

Take a look at your profit margins. Are they where you want them to be?

More importantly, are you losing rather than gaining revenue on a monthly basis?

If this is the case, it’s time for an update!

The app industry is growing by the day, and it is projected to keep growing in the coming decade. The same goes for the revenue that app downloads generate for developers.

We recommend figuring out just how much money you are losing on each individual user. You can do this by dividing your total monthly revenue by your total monthly users.

This can tell you how much you are making on each user. It can also give you insight into how many more new users you need to attract to get back on track.

In the meantime, update your app. You may also want to drop the price for your app slightly if you offer a paid version.

  1. Not As Many Downloads

Are you retaining your users but not receiving many new downloads?

This can be a cause for concern. After all, as a savvy app developer, you need to both retain active users and attract new ones daily!

If you aren’t receiving as many monthly app downloads as you would like, or if these downloads are decreasing, your app may need an update.

Not getting as many downloads can signal that prospective users aren’t finding a good reason to actually purchase your app. Your content may not be as compelling or as useful, in their eyes.

Your app may also be too pricey.

Give your app an update to ensure it’s offering the latest and the greatest to potential users. Once again, you may also want to consider lowering your price.

  1. Your App is Not User-Friendly

If your app is not intuitive to navigate, it isn’t likely to resonate users. App users want to download apps that are easy to set up.

What’s more, they want apps that are user-friendly. After all, apps are designed to make things useful and convenient for all users.

Think about how your app onboards first-time users. Is your onboarding process fairly complex? Or is it plain and simple?

Consider how many steps it takes users to complete basic tasks in your app. Are these also rather complicated?

App updates can streamline user onboarding, making it easier for your users to make the most of what your app has to offer.

  1. It’s Pricey to Get Users

Every business owner wants to spend as little as possible to acquire a customer. The lower your cost of acquisition, after all, the greater return on your investment!

The same goes for app developers.

Have you calculated your cost of acquisition lately? Has this number gone up in recent months?

If so, this indicates that it’s getting more expensive for you to acquire new users. The more expensive your users are to acquire, the tighter your profit margins.

At some point, it may be just too costly to get those fresh downloads.

If this is the case, update your app! App updates can help you retain existing users, and they can also lower your cost of acquisition.

  1. You’re Not Pushing Your Users

App “stickiness” refers, in general, to how likely your app is to remain relevant to users over time. Stickier apps are used frequently, and they are good at retaining users.

Sometimes stickiness has to do with the function the app is designed to serve. Apps that provide solutions to problems are naturally more sticky.

Sticky apps also regularly “push” their users with regular notifications, which can boost user engagement.

If you aren’t pushing your users, implement push notifications. If this still doesn’t help–and if your app isn’t as sticky as it could be–an app update can also help.

  1. People Are Spending Less Time Apping

Take a look at your users’ average session length on your app. Are these sessions getting shorter and shorter?

If so, it’s probably time for an app update.

Shorter sessions can signal less interest in your app’s content. It could also point to your app’s relative “usefulness” to users.

Update your app to extend session lengths. App updates show your users that you are interested in releasing fresh features frequently and that you care about your users’ experience.

It’s Time for An App Update

If any of the situations described in this post sound familiar, make sure you update your app as soon as possible.

Doing so can mean the difference between decreasing revenues and the profit margins you actually want.

Now you know about the signs that indicate it’s time for an app update. It’s time to know what tools you have at your disposal for top-notch development.

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