Mobile apps are revolutionizing the way people do business. They’re becoming more robust and prevailing, and most significantly, people use these creative tools to help their company run more efficiently. The more you rationalize your processes, stay curated, and automate works, the most productive your business will become.

Fortunately there are thousands of apps on the market that can help you achieve your aim, some companies even offer custom mobile app development. However, there is a catch, with so many incredible mobile apps out there, how you can keep tracking all of them and choose the ones best for your needs. This is where we come in, below are the top mobile apps created to support business owners with running their operations’ successfully.

1.     Google Drive

It is an app that entrepreneurs use to sync, save, and share information. It lets users keep all the data related to their business on a channel that they can access from anywhere on their mobile devices. Not only is the office suite software fully-featured, but also cloud-based – these features allow the app users to achieve any file and data type through a web or drive option.

The application is already one of the most popularly used software solutions among business owners. The app has a share features; this allows you to permit others to view your files which they can also edit and add a comment. The feature makes it easy for you to safely share your content with anyone and anywhere in the world where there is internet access.

2.     Evernote

It is a cloud-based app which allows users to curate their ideas, notes, memos, and even invoices they receive, bills to be paid and receipts on any mobile device. This app is a useful tool which allows you to organize and brainstorm and share personal ideas with your collaborators.

The company acquired more web startups to add to their impressive list of features. And they also made the app available on several channels.

3.     Expensify

There are several similar apps on the market like Expensify, but it is one of the most straightforward to use. Entrepreneurs can import costs directly from their credit card to create free expense reports. To record the values, users can take a photo of the receipts with their smartphone and the Expensify app will read it and generate the expenditures.

You can refund directly to your bank account for everyday expenses and accept reports online. The app is trendy among business owners and has over two million subscribers across the world.

4.     Asana

If you are a business owner looking to maximize unification and exchange of information, look no further than this incredible app. Asana is an excellent mobile application information manager that let subscriber view and follows the development of all their activities on the app dashboard. It enables you to manage both personal and work assignments in one intuitive interface.

Without having to rely on email, subscribers can also share notes, communicate and upload data. The app easily integrates with popular file sharing apps to attach data.

5.     Slack

With this instant messaging app, you can maximize efficiency. This app that reduces the rate you send and receive email, and it is especially highly efficient when all the concerned parties are not staying the same location. It provides a lot of messaging options including private platforms, group chats, and directs messaging.

Slack also has the drag and drop files option, so you can easily share information and data without going between emails. The app continuously gauges and log any file, alert, and message.

6.     Xero

Xero app is a mobile accounting application that helps anyone using it to sort their expenses and bills. It also helps you to maintain purchase orders while serving as a medium where you can pay your employees. Xero is cloud-based so that you can get your information and data from your smartphone anytime and anywhere. It also means all your data will always be in a safe place even if you misplaced your smartphone.

This app helps you handle costs efficiently, and in real-time, you can see your cash flow. We also love that Xero is very easy to use.