New gadgets bombard the tech world every day and they are a great time savers. Tech geeks want to have it all yet the best choices are the ones that have all-in-one functionality.

Want go sting a tech-geeky heart with your awesome gift? Here are some amazing options that can be helpful for you to make a decision.

  1. Lenovo Smart Display

The Lenovo Smart Display with 8 inch screen is a great combination of smart voice controlled system and Google assistance. With an enhanced visual experience, you can see what you need and do what you want. Just go with ‘Hey Google’ and you will see what it is capable of.

With a couple of microphones, a front-facing camera and a 10-watt speaker, the Lenovo Smart Display allows you make and receive video calls, watch videos, and control the compatible devices from the screen. It comes in white color with soft touch of gray. This device would fit right in your kitchen where you can view the recipes and listen music or while relaxing in your bedroom. Hence, it is great for multitasking.

2.Anker PowerWave 7.5 Charger Pad and Stand

Anker is known for coming up with different sorts of high-quality accessories and it has a lineup of wireless chargers. Among them, Anker PowerWave 7.5 charging Pad and Stand supports both 7.5W and 10W charging speed.

So, if you want to charge a phone fast and without wires just put your phone in PoweWave 7.5 stand in any portrait or landscape mode. You can keep watching videos while your phone is charging. It can be a great gift for someone who wants a stylish charger without ugly wires.

3.Soundcore Flare Portable Bluetooh 360 speaker

The Soundcore Flare Bluetooth speaker is waterproof. It is a simple but powerful software that allows a complete customization. You can adjust sound profiles, lighting and more with the tap of a finger.

It delivers sound in every direction and it makes it a great gift for the people who like to be in the middle of the action. It is a life of the party.

4.Camera Canon T6i vs T7i

When a huge lot out there wants to join the clan of photographers, there cannot be any better gift than a latest Canon Camera. Canon T6i was released in 2015 with selfie and touch screen features, while Canon T7i was released in 2017. This is a great gift for the friends who just cannot wait to share their photos. If you are puzzled about what will be the best one, then check out the link to get a clear comparison of the two.

5.Mini Smart Plug by Wemo

You don’t have to set a new wiring for making your home smarter. You can have a Mini Smart Plug which is WiFi enables and you can control it from anywhere in the house using Wemo app, Google Assistance, Apple HomeKit or Amazon Alexa. It does not need any hub or payment, but just your home’s WiFi. This gift is so perfect for those tech lovers who cannot afford to rewire their homes or buy expensive stuff.