For those who love to have some beautiful videos on their smart device, there are some useful apps available on various platforms. The video can help one learn an educational course, a skill, some new idea and also get inspired by the lectures of experts. Hence they are of much use in this age. However, the platforms where such videos available, are not that generous and do not allow the users to have the videos downloaded. Even if one tries for the same, the video will be there on the cloud of the concerned platform only.

To get the desired video, there is another option also available, which is to use the app that can pull the video. Vidmate is one of such beautiful apps that can help the users, but there are also many other apps available in the market. Here are a few of them discussed.

  • True video downloader: For the video lovers, this app is one of the most popular and effective one, when it comes to fetching the video from any platform. The app can be downloaded from 9apps also. One can also check its reviews before downloading the same on the device. After downloading it may take some time to get installed and then it is ready to fetch the video from any platform.
  • Free video downloader: As the name shows, it is a free app to download and use. Its efficiency to pull the video is truly incredible, and that is why it is one of the favourite apps for video lovers. It is also easy and quick to be installed.
  • Vidmate: This app has gained wide popularity when it comes to using the same for video fetching. It is small in size but huge in work. It can be downloaded from 9apps. It is auto installed. The app is also simple to use, and hence, one can easily get the videos he likes from any platform.
  • Vidmaster: This app is also considered as one of the known apps that can help the users get desired videos easily. It creates a folder for the downloaded videos so that the users can easily get them when they need.
  • All video downloader: This app is also known as the best one to have the video on the device from any site or platform. It can download the videos with any properties and formats and hence for quality videos, this app is preferred by the users.
  • Video Grabber: Other than the above-mentioned apps, this is another beautiful option for the video downloaders. It helps one to get the concerned video with various formats such as MKV, WMV, MOV and MP4 as well as AVI. The videos downloaded with the help of this app can be viewed on various smartphones, android devices and computers, laptops as well as play stations. With the help of this known app, one can have screen recording as there is a special function offered by this app.
  • Catchvideo: This is another video downloading an app which is not like other apps in the market. It is web-based and hence can be used on any smart device with a browser. One can view videos here as well as download as and when one needs it. It is compatible with almost all the operating systems on the computer as well as smartphones and tablets. With the support of this amazing app, one can also download videos with 4k resolution.
  • Y2Mate: This is the app highly popular among game lovers as they can easily download the video from a platform such a YouTube and play the same offline also. The operation of this app is also very simple as one just needs to copy the link and paste it in given space. It can also redirect you to the concerned page on YouTube if some of the useful keywords are used. Here one needs to note that this is a free app forever and hence download of the same once on the device can help one get services for a long period. Hence it helps one to download and save videos in less time. Another important feature of this app is you don’t need to register yourself on the app to use all of its services.
  • YouTubNow: With the help of this app it can be easier for the video lovers to have TV shows, channels, Music and much more as this app offers a number of features with its amazing fields. One must note here that it can be used on any device which can connect to the internet as it is an online service and one does not need to go for the download of the same also. The user needs to enter the link and choose a format to have the video and press the button of download. In a few seconds, the video will be there on the device.
  • SaveClipBro: It is also one of the popular apps in the market with the help of which it becomes easy to get any of the videos in any format from any platform available. One can also change the format of the video with the help of this app. It can pull the video from any of the sites where it is uploaded. The method to use the app is also very simple and self-explanatory that the user does not need guidance or help from anyone. It can be used on any of the smart devices.

These are some of the apps that are most popular among the users, and one can get any video downloaded from any site. However, to download the video, one needs to have a correct link with him as the link is the only medium with the help of which the video can be fetched and stored on the device. These apps also help one to store the device as they create a specific folder for the same and place the video in it only.