Facebook is an online social networking platform used for sharing and connecting with friends, relatives and other people. As of today, facebook has 1.49 billion active users monthly. This service is not only for the personal use – but also for business. Most of the businesses now are using facebook as a platform for their business improvement. It is one of the most leading services for companies or brands to reach their customers or audiences.


Facebook posts help small businesses reach their marketing goals. Posts are the genuine way to connect successfully with the audiences in a simple way. Companies need to post or share, effective and engaging posts that would pass on to many people, get shared and clicked on. This is how you reach your audiences and help your business reach its goal.

Below are the best practices to write an effective post,

  1. Keep it short and simple:

People don’t find much amount of time to look on to lengthy paragraphs of content; the much longer the post is the better response you receive. Audience need short, simple and eye catching posts. According to a research, facebook posts having 80 characters or below are receiving 66% of engagement, and posts having 40 characters or below are receiving 86% of engagement from audience. At times, you might get a situation where you need to share lengthy content (more than 140 characters) – you can give links to the lengthy content or you can use blogs where you post your content and then give link to it.

  1. Use attractive pictures and videos:

Pictures do get more engagement than content. Eye – catching images or videos have more chances to get visibility on facebook news feed and get more likes, comments and shares. Show the pictures related to your product or service in a simpler and attractive way.

  1. Better to avoid complicated wall posts:

Interesting and most engaging content has to be added to wall posts as links, photographs and videos.  Businesses achieve more engagement with the short and simpler posts. The two best sorts of brand posts contain a solitary photograph or utilize just words. As indicated by a survey, status-just posts get 94 percent higher than normal engagement.

  1. Consider your audience:

Get attention from the audience by posting what you want and at the same time asking them questions, altering and modifying on account of the gathering of people. Talk about issues what individuals love. Believe that you are conversing with a man, not a gathering. Think that your post is seen by only one individual and write accordingly.

  1. Question the audience:

Individuals are much interested on posts that offer a conversation starter. To drive remarks, approach an immediate question and request the reaction. This method can assist draw in with peopling who like to give their recommendation, feelings, or thoughts. The key rules are curtness, simplicity of perusing and replying, and intriguing subjects. Fill the blanks posts and did you know posts are additionally to a great prominent. They can get a great number of comments and likes.

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  1. React to the audience– and keep a calendar

Individuals like it when you hear them out. When you answer to posts and comments instantly without any delay, you’ll see that audiences are more responsive as well.

At the point when occasions and holidays are at the forefront of everybody’s thoughts, notice them in your posts. Arranging and planning posts around essential dates –, for example, Valentine’s Day, engineer’s day, May Day and that’s just the beginning – implies that you’ll be more prone to get individuals talking.

  1. Add links to posts

On the off chance that links are great, topical, and general, you’ll have audience tapping on them and leaving comments and preferences. Be that as it may, maintain a strategic distance from URL shorteners. Engagement rates are three times higher for divider posts that utilization the full-length URL. Utilize full URLs and let audience know precisely where they’re going when they click a link.

  1. Post for the right group of audience

right audience

Posts are more compelling when the general population who consideration see them. In the event that you have clients who live in diverse ranges or talk distinctive languages, you can make posts only for them. Compose a post and pick the areas and dialects you need. When you distribute your post, it’ll appear in simply the areas or languages you’ve picked.