Both iOS Music app and iTunes offer ‘Up Next’. It is a way to queue up music and it works in a similar way in both iOS Music app and iTunes. It allows you to change the order of tracks in the queue, remove specific songs from the queue and also you can add music to the queue. Let’s take a look at how to use Up Next in iTunes and the iOS Music app.

How to use ‘up next’ in iTunes

In iTunes 11, Apple introduced the new option named ‘Up Next’. It is tough to use at first. Up Next is only available from a popover in iTunes which is a bit harder to manage. This popover is not very large, and it displays only a maximum of twenty songs.

Up Next is continuously active in both iTunes and iOS Music app. At all times a list of songs are waiting to be played, if not you didn’t start playing a playlist.

To understand Up Next, one has to know how it works. If you double click on one of the songs in the playlist, then iTunes fills Up Next with that entire playlist. You can see the Up Next queue in the iTunes by clicking on the Up Next icon. You will also delete tracks or change the tracks order in the Up Next queue.

To delete the track from the Up Next queue click the ‘x’ button and to access numerous functions like to bump a track to the top of the queue, play next etc. click on ‘’. To drag a track to a new location to reset the play order. You will see above ‘x’ button and ‘’ button when you have selected a track.

If you have to add more tracks to the Up Next queue, click on the ‘’ and select Play next or Add to Up Next. ‘Add to Up Next’ keep the track at the end of the queue and ‘Play next’ keep the track at the top of the queue. By clicking on the Clear button will clear the Up Next queue any time. You will view your play history by clicking on the clock icon in the Up Next popover.

When you quit the iTunes app, it saves your Up Next playlist. It will take back to last playback playlist when you prelaunch the app.

How to use ‘Up Next’ on iOS

Once you have known how to use Up Next in iTunes, it is very easy to use the Up Next in the iOS Music app. The concepts are same but the menus are different. Click on the Up Next icon to view the Up Next queue, when you are playing music.

Here in the iOS Music app, you will see the Up Next queue with the present playing track at the top. You will also delete a track by swiping the track to the left and click on ‘Remove’. Move a track in the queue by dragging a track to up and down. To delete the queue, click on the Clear option.

To view your Up Next history, just swipe down. Then you will see a list of the tracks you have listened to recently.  To add tracks to the Up Next queue, tap the ‘’ and select ‘Play Next’ or ‘Add to Up Next’. Although it takes time to become comfortable with Up Next but once you mastered it you have got a play queue for the entire day.