We live in a digital world, it means numerous people are leaving digital signals for marketers. People require to follow marketers but not too closely that means customer focused rather than consuming over how modified your marketing should be. Social data suggest marketers the best digital signals to follow for two reasons:

1) Various permission based public data through social media platforms is made available to marketers.

2) Social data is completely of simple and expressive insights that will help you message to people at all stages.

Here are six simple ways on how you can use social data for targeted marketing:

Targeting people follow events
Twitter announced the Event Targeting for marketers in July 2015. This event allows you to find concerts, holidays, trade shows and more. It gives you the ability to discover viewers visions related to the followers. After researching an event, you will launch a campaign that targets both the event and your event targeting selections with other targets such as device, language and gender. Through this you can reach various segments of the event.
Targeting your content by interests and trends
If you need your content to be valued and shared, you must use social data to identify trends and topics that are likely to attract attention and virality. Use Twitter Advanced Search to identify present trends and topics for quick responsive content. To find interests within smaller groups of particular customers, use Twitter’s tailored audience’s analysis feature. In this you can upload mobile phone numbers, Twitter usernames, Mobile Advertising IDs, lists of email addresses. Then Twitter will match them to customers and show you basic demographics. Use best limited interests to come up with your content for particular audience.
Targeting by platform, then re-targeting based on audience qualities
The best way to target your marketing is using social data. Pick a social platform and use the information provided by that platform to target their users. Facebook for Business and Twitter Ads help get marketing posts before precise groups of users. When people on a precise platform click through to your website, use pixels to re-target them with advertisements on other websites and the audience qualities are used to target the social platform advertisements.
Targeting by social inspiration
Spreading the word about your business is easier who have numerous fans and supporters. You can form relationships with social influencers within topics that point to your business. Your marketing messages have an improved chance of getting audiences. Use a services like BuzzSumo or Followerwonk to search for influencers within your present follower base and include those influencers in your social media marketing approach.
Targeting with matched social data
Targeting emails usually required for asking for information. Tracking activity will negatively influence your signups forms and takes time for too much information. Matching emails allows you to slice your email lists and send more related messages to groups with different features. Use Twitter’s Audience Manager, it will help you identify group segments in an email list. It also helps you to recognize personal data for each email address.
Targeted marketing across numerous social viewers
Advertising through multiple social sites can truly archive your marketing when you’re trying to influence people who use multiple social platforms. Many social platforms offer data through an API. Targeted marketing keep things simple and mainly focused on your customer needs. Being customer dedicated is the key to achievement with all forms of data driven marketing.