A press release delivers information that your organization wish to share with the public over the media. Follow these guidelines on how to submit a press release to the correct media channels after writing the press release. A good press release is short and broad narrative of an upcoming news event, report of important personnel changes in an organization etc.

Guidelines on How to Submit a Press Release

  1. Send your release to your local media channels like
    1. Weekly newspaper
    2. Radio stations
    3. Daily newspaper
    4. TV stations
    5. Magazine
  1. Target on online newspapers or other online media channels where you wish to expand your business.
  2. Submit your press release to important bloggers and industry leaders. E-mail them with copies of your press release.
  3. Work with somebody who will help you, if you don’t have time to research channels for your press releases.
  4. Make sure that free press release distribution sites normally offer partial exposure. Most of the press release distribution sites will get your press release to media agencies with a small fee.
  5. Make sure that your headline and the first paragraph link that your content is interesting. Read your press release two or three times and check it for mistakes.
  6. Research and follow each channel’s submission guidelines.
  7. Your contacts will desire to receive news releases e-mail or fax.
  8. Paste or type your content right into the body of an e-mailed press release.
  9. Send your press release to one publication at a time.
  10. BCC the recipients to create the press release submission more personal.
  11. Some channels may prefer uploading the press release straight to their website over the secure submission.
  12. To increase your readership add media like photos and videos to your submission and avoid sending media files through email.
  13. Inquire, if the recipient has received the press release and about further statistics as needed. Only call for most essential matters.

Best format of a press release

  1.  Keep your press releases short.
  2.  Use double space.
  3. You must write press release clearly and in the first two paragraphs include about who, what, where, why and when.
  4. Find the organization or individual sending the release, also include the name and phone number for any questions.
  5. Send them the release date and include whether it is for immediate use or a release later.
  6. If the release is long i.e. more than one page, just type “more” at the bottom of each page.
  7. Find succeeding pages either with the name of your organization or with the subject of the release.
  8. At the bottom of the last page type “end”.

Common mistakes in press release

  1. Providing inadequate and incorrect information. Press releases must be broad, accurate and exact.
  2. Errors in the name and phone number of someone editors will contact with questions.
  3. Writing very long press releases.
  4. Late submission of a press release.

Addresses and telephone numbers

When you are submitting a press release by email, make sure to address your envelope to “Editor” via section name. Press releases can be sent by e-mail to individual reporters or editors.