Using a single sim Smartphone is all old days. Now everyone started using dual sim Smartphone’s, as the basic needs of people are being changed.

In the same way we want to have two whatsapp accounts for the two Sims in a single mobile. But whatsapp allows using only one account even for the dual sims in a single mobile. But there are chances to use two accounts in a single mobile with the help of an android app called OGWhatsapp. Which we are going to introduce close by with official Whatsapp application.


With OGWhatsApp you will have the capacity to run two official whatsapp accounts in your Android device. You can keep on using the official Whatsapp as a part of you have every one of your loved ones. With OGWhatsapp you can make an optional Whatsapp account in which you need to keep your record private from your crew. Whatever your reasons might be we are demonstrating How to use another whatsapp account in your android Smartphone.

As OGWhatsapp is a modified version of the official Whatsapp android application. The OGWhatsapp developer has changed a percentage of the settings in the official application which the developer has named it as OG MODS

Here I listed the Step by step instructions to run 2 Android devices with the help of OGWhatsapp,

  1. You have to open whatsapp
  2. Open the chat scrreen,here you will find the three dots on the right side of the screen. Tap on the three dots and Tap on settings -> chat settings.
  3. Tap on backup.
  4. Now ignore whatsapp and delete the WhatsApp temporary files. On your Android device menu go to Settings -> Applications and find the WhatsApp.
  5. Click on the Clear Data option. After that you have to go your file explorer application
  6. Find Whatsapp folder and rename it to OGWhatsapp
  7. After that you have to install OGWhatsapp
  8. Use the same number you used as a part of the Whatsapp to confirm it in OGWhatsapp to use your current whatsapp account.
  9. After that you have confirmed your number in OGwhatsapp
  10. Open whatsapp and enter the optional number you need to make your whatsapp account

Confirm it and thats it you are done. Now you have two whatsapp account running on your android devices independently one on official whatsapp and another on OGWhatsapp apllication.