Facebook has recently updated the use of GIF’s on its social network along with its auto playing videos. Posting a GIF image in Facebook is very easy and fun.  Facebook GIF button which is a new Google Chrome extension allows you to leave GIFs in comments without leaving Facebook. Giphy, a search engine for GIF’s created a code that makes GIFs loop on Facebook and it works like posting a video link. It looks just like a video upload in your Facebook wall. To play a GIF image, in the center of the image a small “GIF” icon will appear. Press the icon and enjoy. It isn’t enough to convey your feelings on Facebook through a smiley or a meme. Here I am going to show you how to post a GIF to Facebook.

What is a GIF? 

GIF’s are smaller files in comparison to video which is faster to upload and more appropriate for screening over slow internet or mobile connections. GIF is an image that plays in a loop with shortly animated and can be viewed anywhere. We could post links to our favorite GIFs previously, but anyone who wanted to see them have to click through and be taken away from the site. But they will play automatically in our friends’ news feeds and on our profiles now. Now, there is a real way to post a GIF in your Facebook News feed, that much less necessary to this whole internet thing. Here are the steps for How to post a GIF to Facebook.

Steps for How to upload a GIF to Facebook

Step 1

If you will need to upload a GIF file to Facebook, either you will have to create your own and upload it to another hosting site or you will find a GIF like on Tumblr, Giphy etc. Select a GIF image, open it and then right click on the image.

GIF copy URL

Step 2

In Chrome browser, when you do right click on the image, there are some options appeared. Select the Copy image URL. If you are using a Firefox browser, select the Copy image location. There is a slight difference in options of other browsers but you have to copy the URL that takes you directly to the GIF.

Copy URL

Step 3

In a new tab open Facebook and log in to it with your details. In the Facebook news feed, directly paste the URL in the “update status” which you have copied before. You can paste in the update status either by right click in the box and select paste or press Ctrl+V on your keyboard.

paste URL in FBStep 4

After pasting the URL in the status box the GIF will appear below the URL automatically. You can either delete the URL or leave it, it’s not a matter. In the center of the image, a small GIF icon will appear. Press the icon and enjoy the fun.

Step 5

Simply click on the post button after the GIF has appeared. Make sure that images uploaded directly to Facebook won’t work. This feature works with GIF links but not with GIF uploads. Just try it and make fun with your friends.