Now days everyone are looking for the gadgets or devices that would make their life much easier. Number of creative and innovative products are being designed and developed to make our work simple and easy.

Here we listed few of the latest innovations…..find the perfect one for you that best suits your requirements.

  1. Wocket Smart Wallet

What is Wocket Smart Wallet?

This is the world’s first innovation of “Smart Wallet” .Wocket turns a huge number of cards into only one WocketCard and the best part is, Wocket make use of “biometric voice security” to keep all your data safe and secure.

Wocket secures the greater part of your private data inside an electronic vault while lessening the quantity of cards in your wallet. Biometric and other patent pending advances make Wocket the most brilliant wallet available in the world.

wocket smart wallet image

How is Wocket unique in relation to other smart cards and digitized wallets?

Wocket works by itself. Numerous items available depend on a cell phone, application and web association. Wocket works without anyone else’s input so regardless of what the circumstance you can simply make use of your wallet. In any case, Wocket can even work (synced) with your mobile or laptop utilizing the Wocket application, also an approach to deal with your important data, and redesign its firmware.

Whether you do a ton of business journeying or essentially convey a considerable measure of Mastercards around for individual utilize, this helpful device is a convenient one. Essentially program the Wocket Smart Wallet with all your credit card data so it can be utilized to perform all exchanges for Amazon, Best Buy, Visa, Mastercard—and so on. Likewise included are classification elements, secret word and information encryption security and many more.

How the Wocket Smart Wallet makes your life simpler?

The Wocket Smart Wallet stuffs all your charge cards in your wallet and bobbling through them for each transaction made. It is safe to use and maintain, because it uses passwords, PIN, voicematch and other efforts to provide safety that aren’t found with your common Visa.

How much does the Wocket costs?

Wocket costs $179 and currently it can be purchased through website.

  1. SmartMat

What is SmartMat and how does it work?

SmartMat is similar to having your own “YOGA” master training you near your place 24/7. It is designed by embedding 21,000 piezoelectric sensors; the SmartMat has the capacity to identify when you’re not doing in correct way and to verify you’re getting the best out of your yoga time. The mat is connected to your mobile (it works for both Android and IOS devices) with the SmartMat application through Bluetooth. It continuously keeps track of your height, weight and more. It can then screen your progress, let you know when you’re in a wrong pose and give other helpful info.


How the SmartMat makes your life simpler?

Regardless of the possibility that you like your yoga place where you go and do, some of the time it’s difficult to make it to class. Whether this is the situation or you basically incline toward doing yoga in the protection of your own home, the SmartMat is certainly worth considering. It can assist you with keeping tabs on your development, stay away from harm because of mistaken postures and do pretty much all that you’d be paying a genuine educator for.

smart art app

How can you get this product?

The product is now available for the pre-order from their website… and would be released in the late 2015.

  1. DigitSole

What is DigitSole and how does it work?

The Digitsole Warm Series is a creative product designed specially for your health. The majority of related products like wristbands, watches etc. gather data and send it to your mobile. In any case, we trust that Digitsole is the first stride to another era of connected products that can likewise change their structure or physical properties. Anyone who has gone to any of the latest Consumer Electronics Shows can confirm the extensive number of wearables present. Digitsole emerges in this group, as a battery-controlled sole that slips directly into your shoe and works with a friend application to conform the ideal warmth temperature for your feet. It is additionally water safe and tracks your strides so you know what number of calories you’ve blazed.


How Digitsole make your life easier:

In the event that you as of now have a couple of warmed soles that always get excessively hot or feel like they’re not warming by any stretch of the imagination, this buy is an easy decision. Digitsole gives you a chance to effectively control the temperature with your mobile, ensuring most extreme solace for your feet constantly. They’re likewise flawless in case you’re an athletic sort and need to know what number of calories you’ve blazed amid an extraordinary workout, climb or taxing day at work.

digitsole application


Connected: The communication is handled through Bluetooth 4.0 and can be observed through an application particularly intended for the Warm Series.

Interactive: The Application connect with the Insoles either ways : It collects the mobile data does as well as controls the temperature.

Heating: With a solitary Tap on your screen, the warming capacity can be enacted and the temperature balanced for every insole independently. On account of the inherent indoor regulator, you control the temperature inside your shoes as you would do in your home or in travelling.

Tracking: The implicit accelerometer keeps an exact tally of the quantity of steps along these lines turning the insole in a dependable pedometer. You can track your strides, log the separation strolled and measure the calories smoldered.

How much does the Digitsole cost?

Digitsoles is available in US and Canada since October 2015 for $200.

  1. Amazon Fire TV Stick

What is Amazon Fire TV stick and how does it work?

This convenient small device is basically an Amazon Fire TV, however in a much more compact structure. Hostage gateway backing permits you to associate your Amazon Fire Stick to any Wi-Fi flag and watch your most loved shows easily. It accompanies the same interface that has gotten a lot of acclaim, and incorporates a remote so you can explore between shows without needing to get up.

In spite of the fact that it offers somewhat less effective specs than the normal Amazon Fire TV, despite everything it makes a brilliant showing of gushing shows with almost no buffering and log jams, contingent upon your Internet quality.

amazon fire stick

How Amazon Fire Stick makes your life less demanding

The Amazon Fire Stick is an absolute must have product if you do regular travelling or like watching spilled content in distinctive rooms and places. From lodging rooms to school dormitories and other individuals’ homes, you can basically connect it to a TV set and associate the Stick to a Wi-Fi source to proceed with fling watching an arrangement you can’t get enough of. A library of easygoing recreations is likewise included.

  1. Ditto

What is Ditto and how does it work?

A wearable mobile notification tool, Ditto is intended to ensure you never miss an essential mobile call or ready because of losing your telephone, having it on vibrate, and so on. This little gadget cuts onto any bit of dress or is worn on a wristband and afterward vibrates at whatever point your telephone is attempting to stand out enough to be noticed.

You can alter the recurrence and number of vibrations to recognize what sort of ready you’re accepting, and it likewise vibrates when you leave your telephone.

ditto tool

How Ditto makes your life simpler?

This device is perfect for cell phone clients who get themselves missing calls and messages regularly in light of the fact that they generally keep their telephone on noiseless, at the base of their tote, and so forth. Likewise can keep running for about a large portion of a year on a crisp coin cell battery, and the buddy application tells you when it’s an ideal opportunity to supplant the battery.

If you wish missing an alarm however isn’t one to convey your cell phone all around you go, you need to consider getting this economical gadget.

  1. Satechi LightMate Emergency LED Flashlight

What is Satechi LightMate Emergency LED Flashlight and how does it work?

This device does much more than your normal electric lamp or flashlight. Besides a super-splendid LED light with 5 distinct modes, it likewise accompanies a 2200mAh versatile force bank that gives you a chance to charge your telephone and other USB gadgets. It’s waterproof and sufficiently strong to break glass and other hard materials if fundamental.

led flash light

How the Satechi LightMate Emergency LED Flashlight makes your life less demanding

The device is perfect for campers and voyagers who need an electric lamp that accomplishes more than sparkle light. Since you never know when you’ll have to make a call, the compact force bank gives you simplicity of psyche so you don’t need to stress over phones coming up short even from a standpoint minute.