The communication at many companies could be better in one aspect or another. The issue at certain points might not be the communication between a department but rather communication between departments. There should be uniform use of messaging platforms and integration wherever possible. Companies that do a great job in communication are sure to deliver high-quality work to their clients. Lack of communication can lead a client to get a completed project that doesn’t align with what they originally wanted. Taking a proactive approach to improving inter-company communication is a great first step. There could be glaring weaknesses in the line of communication that can be remedied as soon as they are identified. The following are tips to help make the flow of communication far more efficient and effective.

Write Out Meeting Recaps For Missing Employees

The one thing that needs to be handled as quickly as possible is a system to fill in employees that might have been on PTO or out sick. Writing out meeting recaps should be done regardless as not all employees might absorb what was discussed during this meeting. This will also allow staff to refer to the recap email instead of bombard management with questions that the email could address directly. Even having an employee record the meeting then transcribe it can be worth it depending on how much was covered. Take the time to institute policies for employees that could be out as you do not want small details being missed due to lack of knowledge by a staff member.

Inputting Info Into The CRM Needs To Be Priority

A customer relationship management system or CRM can be the perfect way to communicate specific details on a client. There could be a client that was pitched a service that had no interest which needs to be noted. A client will feel like they are having their time wasted if this is pitched to them again. All a client wants to do is feel valued in many circumstances and a lack of communication about vital details do anything but make them feel valued. Even small things like remembering something that was mentioned like a trip can help build personal rapport. There is going to be employee turnover so making sure the new account manager understands how to deal with a specific client is integral to the client’s ongoing customer experience.

Integrate As Many Systems As Possible

All companies need to be using some kind of project management system to help staff keep tasks on track as well as be able to share information with clients in an easy way. Project management systems make it extremely easy to delegate work across an entire company. The order of projects being established is also important as there are tasks that need to be completed before others. Notification to other departments or job roles that something has been completed eliminates the chances of miscommunication. A project could be delayed by a few days due to one party not notifying others they can proceed with another portion of the project.

Utilizing Document Sharing That Is Easy But Also Secure

Document sharing used to be a nightmare with many companies having to handle this through fax. Now it is easy to share permissions within a company and also with clients so they can see progress on current projects. The ability to manage Helm charts with jFrog within a company can help with project management immensely. Being able to store all kinds of essential company and client information on the cloud without worrying about security is an additional benefit. Google Drive is commonly used by companies as there is an option for people with a link to be able to view or edit depending on the permissions. For collaborative projects, leaving notes is possible and so is being able to see the progress of each team member on a project.

An Instant Messaging Platform Like Skype Can Be A Huge Help

Skype or Google Chat can be perfect to communicate throughout an organization. Being able to ask a quick question that can help clear something up is faster than waiting for an email response. The ability to share a link to a document with a group to allow everyone to edit can also help collaborate in a much more efficient way. Reminding a team about a certain meeting or client call can easily be done this way without disrupting current tasks that are being focused on. Take the time to set up groups whether they are by department or by the project so everyone can communicate in real-time rather than waiting long periods for short email answers.

The flow of communication is at optimum levels will only increase the quality of work and productivity. Take a look at current communication processes to see where you can start improving them at your company today!