If there’s one thing that all businesses dream of, it’s more customers. In the digital age, that means getting more people to visit your website. That’s because your web presence is a critical component of modern business management, and without a strong online presence you are limiting your potential for business growth. The challenge is attracting new readers to your pages in a way that benefits your bottom line. Inbound marketing is the key, and that means following some best practices that can help your brand to form stronger audience connections and attract potential customers to your website and sales funnel. If you’re not getting the website views you hoped for, here’s what you need to consider:

1. Use Social Media (the right way)

It’s easy to get swept away with the speed and constant distractions of social media. While all businesses should have a social presence, it’s just as important that you use it well. Use the right content in your social posts to get people to click on your website link – and remember to engage with those that respond to your tweets, status updates, or Insta pics.

2. SEO your Pages

You might not have the technical skills required to do a full SEO overhaul of your website, but you should still pay some attention to it. Keep up to date on what keywords are best suited to your business, and ensure that you are using them correctly on your pages. This is one of the best ways to get more organic website views, and that means long-term gains for your ROI.

3. Blog

The best resource for inbound marketing is content. The right content at the right time can have a dramatic effect on your website visitor numbers. Use a blog to:

  • establish your industry authority
  • provide value to readers
  • get ranked higher on search engine result pages
  • build audience trust
  • boost shareability on social media
  • take control of your online identity

A blog is one of the most important ingredients of a modern business.

4: Use Inbound Marketing Services

One of the main problems facing businesses is that their competitors have access to the same tools and resources. That’s why so many businesses that are looking for ways to boost their digital strategy look at outsourcing. This can be a valuable option to consider for a variety of reasons. Inbound marketing can be time-consuming and often requires varied skillsets and technical awareness. Inbound marketing services like those available from Angelfish Marketing not only give your online visibility a boost but also frees up your own time for you to focus on your own specialties.

5. Influencer Marketing

The value of influencers is wildly varied and will largely depend on your sector or niche. However, many brands can benefit from a well-planned influencer marketing strategy. There are risks to this type of digital marketing; avoid larger social media accounts with millions of followers. Not only do these influencers have little in the way of engagement, but they are also just as likely to have bots or fake accounts boosting their audience numbers. Stick to micro- or nano-influencers instead.

There are many ways to get more people to your website. For brands that rely on e-commerce, it’s a crucial element of business growth to get right. Take the time to explore the best methods for driving traffic to your web pages. Your business will have a much better chance of standing out from the crowd and getting the sales figures that will take you into the next quarter in a much more financially healthy position.