You might seen there would be a hidden cost for many of the android applications or games, which includes the in-app purchases like for additional levels, additional characters, for more functionalities and many more alike. Amazon is now introducing a new app called Amazon Underground for the android mobiles.

You might be new hearing about this app, let’s have a look on to this articles to know how it works,

What is Amazon Underground?

It is an Android app (a third party store) in the Google play. It is like an Amazon app with additional things or functionalities. If you have installed the app on your device, you would access the new app Amazon Underground menu with apps and games with no hidden costs and no in –app purchases.

It has the greater part with many functionalities of our general Amazon shopping application, in addition to extra features: more than ten thousand dollars in applications, games and in-application things that are simply available free for the customers.

How is Amazon Underground useful for Developers?

Amazon Underground has a new process where Amazon pays designers or developers according to the amount of time you spent on a particular app. With Amazon Underground, you can transform 100% of your Android users into income producing users. Developers get paid beginning from the first moment your Amazon Underground application is used, and they will keep on being paid for each moment of utilization by each client in return for you waiving your typical download or in-application expenses. With Amazon Underground, developers can concentrate less on adapting and more on making extraordinary client encounters. Most Android applications are qualified for Amazon Underground. Beginning is simple. Simply make an engineer account and present your application today.

How to download Amazon underground and also the apps and games?

You can download Amazon Underground from the Google play store or from the internet also.

Step 1: open your web browser on your android mobile or tablet and type Click on the download button (download Amazon underground) shown on the screen and the app starts downloading on to your device.

download button of amazon underground

Step 2: a pop up appears on the screen showing “this type of file can harm your device. Do you want to keep Amazon_App.Apk anyway”. This pop up is because you are not installing from the Google play store. Click on “OK” button and your app gets downloaded.

pop up message

Step 3: now a pop up appears warning about unknown sources. Since you aren’t downloading the Amazon Underground application through Google Play you initially need to inform your mobile or tablet to permit you to install from obscure sources. You’ll locate this setting in Settings -> Security -> Unknown sources, and as a matter of course it will be disabled. Switch on the setting, then acknowledge the notice that outsider applications may hurt your gadget (you’re genuinely sheltered with Amazon).

unknown sources

Step 4: after the app has been downloaded on to your device, open the notification and click on it or open the download folder and tap on.apk file.

Step 5: you’ll be requested that accept certain terms and conditions for privacy before the application is installed. In the event that you as of now have the Amazon shopping application on your gadget (which Amazon Underground replaces), the new consents tab will be void. Amazon Underground obliges no additional permissions over the first Android application and you can see which authorizations that asked for by selecting the all tab. In case if you’re glad to proceed with, tap “Install” at the base right of the screen. Once the application has installed and now click on open.

privacy terms

Step 6: Amazon Underground looks simply like the typical Amazon shopping application for Android, yet there’s another thing in the menu. Having marked into your Amazon record, tap on the three vertical lines symbol at the upper left of the screen and hit the down bolt beside Apps & Games. Presently pick Underground Apps & Games.

Any applications and games present in this app are totally free, with no covered up in-application buys.

Step 7: Search in Amazon Underground for an application or games that you are interested in. We give an example to show how to download a sample game example: Frozen Free Fall, which has free things and levels that would somehow bring about a $31.87 charge.

frozen free fall game

The process to install is fundamentally the same to that of Google Play so ought to feel commonplace. Of course Amazon Underground won’t permit application downloads greater than 50MB unless you’re joined with Wi-Fi (you can change this in the settings). On the off chance that your Wi-Fi is on or the application is under 50MB, basically tap Install; acknowledge the authorizations and the application will download to your gadget.