Usage of cloud for storage of your valuable data has become one of the basic requirements these days, and we are spoilt for the choices with what is available out there to help you backup our essential Data, e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and more. In any case, all these offer one striking disadvantage. They have controlled storage room and toward the day’s end, they are still an outsider you need to trust with your (valuable) data.

Why do we need to compromise when there is a simple solution? With the efforts of intelligent developers, we can now make our own particular distributed storage. These kind of storage spaces swear off the use of an outsider server, guaranteeing that your information is for your eyes just. We have here 6 tools to make your own cloud for free of cost

Do note that some of them force you to be aware with setting up your own server. As you go down the list, the establishment procedure will get trickier.

  1. Bittorrent Sync

Bittorrent Sync earlier as an approach to exchange expansive records secretly, however did you realize that you can likewise utilize it to make your own Cloud? You should do nothing more than design an organizer to go about as a drop-off point so you can adjust every one of your documents on every one of your gadgets running Bittorrent Sync.

BitTorrent Sync

Platforms Supported: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire.

  1. pClouds

PClouds an individual cloud plan that makes sharing records between OS X and iOS. The project as of late entered beta and it allows you to join to its beta program however it appears to be a strong, simple to utilize application to make an individual cloud inside of the Apple biological community, bypassing iTunes. It likewise has a simple record management application for the mobile phones. There are few components to develop for different OSes.

Platforms Supported: Mac OS X, iOS.

  1. OwnCloud

A flexible device, ownCloud is a free, open source application that gives you a chance to develop more than a Dropbox substitution to dump your information. Alongside information stockpiling, the application contains various different components, for example, an approach to deal with your logbook, schedules, a report altering instrument and some more. You can get OwnCloud introduced with the directions found here.


Platforms Supported: Clients accessible for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android. Server programming introduced utilizing web installer.

  1. Seafile

Seafile, another open source tool, offers itself as a file management and online cooperation instrument. You have the alternative of using its cloud service, or set up self-facilitated servers. For the last mentioned, there are two sorts: Open Source and Business ($25 per client every year). The application includes a rich online document manager, variant control, multi-platform file management and many more.


Platforms Supported: Clients accessible for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android. Server programming accessible for Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi.

  1. Cozy

Like OwnCloud, the point of Cozy is to give you an approach to keep up your own particular information utilizing your own particular web applications. In the designers own words, “Cozy allows you to turn your server in a sort of individual Google App Engine.” The designers urge clients to create it further, wanting to unite a wide range of administrations and utilities to it.

Cozy - Simple, versatile,

Platforms Supported: Images accessible on Virtualbox, Raspberry Pi, OpenVZ, Cubieboard2, Cubietruck.

  1. AeroFS

AeroFS is an open source application that is gone for corporate clients, offering joint effort tools as a feature of their bundle. They additionally offer a free form for individual use, which bolsters up to 3 clients. The administration prides itself on its quick matching up rates, with no restriction on the information exchanged. You should do nothing more than to introduce the AeroFS customer into the gadget you need to put in your sync circle.

Platforms Supported: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Androi