Remote working is great but it comes with its own challenges.  It is a win-win situation for both employers and employees. Employees don’t have to worry about spending hours in traffic. Instead while working remotely, they can use that time productively. And most people are taking an interest in this new working style. 

Mostly freelancers and other professionals work remotely. And one could say that remote working is on the rise, it is becoming mainstream and more individuals are opting to work outside of their cubicles. Gone are the days where people are confined to their cubicles, they are taking work to wherever they go.

What is remote working?

Remote working is mainly based on the concept that you don’t have to sit and work at a specific place to successfully execute it. For decades, people have always known that working means you have to commute to your workplace, sit at your desk and work with dedication until it’s time to leave. But remote working has opened a new chapter for working individuals. It has cultivated thoughts in people that you don’t have to be stuck to your desk to work effectively. Work from anywhere at any time you want.

Most people working would agree that it is quite hard for personal and professional life’s to co-exist. But remote working has made this impossible deed possible. The working class are basking in the freedom remote working has provided them. Studies are showing that people who work remotely are meeting their deadlines, working productively and are happier in both their personal and professional life.

Remote working gives you the choice to work as you please. If it’s a bright sunny day you can simply carry your MacBook to the balcony and finish your work while enjoying the weather. Work in your pyjamas from your sofa comfortably. The best part of remote working is you can get comfortable and create a space or zone that will help you in concentrating and bring your best capabilities to the surface. When a person is happy it will automatically reflect in their work.

Not all remote working conditions are similar, some can work entirely from their home office, while others can only occasionally use this opportunity. Some people can work from home all the time but have to visit the office once a week. And not to forget the co-working spaces which can be filled with monitors, office supplies, and other amenities are also on the rise. Whatever the terms are remote working is renewing the passion whilst increasing productivity and cultivating a happier workforce.

So if you’re also one of those people who is working or planning to work remotely then here are a few tips to upgrade your home office.


When you’re working remotely there are high chances that you will not be spending much time out of your home office. So it is a must for your home office to have proper lighting. At offices, there are fluorescent lights that will keep all the area light-up. But that may not be the case with your home office. So the most important upgrade you need for your home office is to add more lighting. When you’re surrounded with light it keeps both your body and mind awake and helps you in working properly. When there is little to no light in your home office, it may affect your mood and productivity. 

One more important thing about lighting up your home office is to see that it is mostly natural lighting, as natural lighting can calm you whilst conserving energy. One of the best ways for that is moving your desk near to a window. A window will let the natural light in and lighten up your room. If your room is in the darkest corner of the house then it is better to install a window or a skylight. Yes, it will cost you money and time but if you’re someone who is always going to remote work then consider this an investment on yourself. Windows will let the wind and light into the room, not only that it will brighten up both your room and mood. 

Get a standing desk

Remote working will save your commuting time but it will also keep you away from the daily little exercise you give to your body by walking. While working from home you mostly sit at your desk or sofa etc. So get yourself a convertible desk or a standing desk. There are many health benefits it brings such as less back pain, weight loss and reduces the risk of heart diseases. Sitting all day will do no good to your body so it is time to switch things around and get a standing desk. You can either convert your existing desk into a standing desk or you can get a new standing desk depending on the place available in your home office.


Adding plants to any space will make it livelier. So how about adding plants to your home office. Greenery can bring peace to your mind and make your office a comfortable and cosy space. You don’t have to get small plants only you can get bigger ones too, it totally depends on the amount of space available in your office. Plants are more than cool decorations, they are good for you as they filter the air you breathe, help you in managing stress and improve your productivity. 

Studies show that people who have plants in their workspace are 15% per cent more productive than those who don’t have them. But most people are hesitant to get the plants into the workspace because of the fear that they may forget to water them and the plants will wither away. In such a case you can get plants that are low-maintenance and don’t require constant attention. 

Make Your Workspace Ergonomic 

To be productive the first thing you need to do is to get comfortable in your office. And the first step towards it is by making your workspace and desk ergonomic. Get yourself a comfortable chair as you will be sitting for most of the time. If you don’t invest in a great chair you may face severe back issues in the future. 

Not only that, get your ergonomic keyboard and mouse. These will reduce the strain on your muscles. The ergonomic keyword will give rest to your wrists as it reduces strain on them. Such devices are specially designed to reduce muscle activity and allow you to get a natural posture while standing or sitting. And these devices come with exceptional features such as Bluetooth smart technology, wireless USB unifying receiver, etc. 

Smart assistance

When you’re working remotely there are many things that need to be taken care of. One of them is your schedule. Missing an appointment with clients or potential clients can cost your business. And it is understandable that since you’re doing all the things by yourself it can be a little stressful for you to stay at the top of all these details. But thanks to technology and its innovative gadgets you can worry less about little details and concentrate more on your work. 

Get yourself a smart assistant, these little devices will help you set up the appointments, make to-do lists, and book meetings. Not only that it will also help you in taking notes while you’re busy with another task. It will remind you of the upcoming meeting or a deadline and with one single voice command you can look up for all the important information on the search engine. 

Creative Corner

It is a must for you to have a small creative corner in your big home office. You can add a bookshelf and comfortable chair to read when you’re free or work when you need a change of position. Get a whiteboard and notice board where you can write your ideas, plans, and meetings. You make this corner lively and add all the things that inspire you to the notice board. Because there will be days when you’re not in your best mood or in your creative zone. 

One look at the board can fill you up with motivation and passion that you feel missing. You can brainstorm ideas or have discussions with your team if they come over, at this corner. These whiteboards will unknowingly become your work buddies as they will contribute to your productivity. You can use it to write outlines, goals, storyboards. And the best thing is by doing this you’re saving paper too.

Speakers & Headphones

Since you will be working alone at your home, music can keep you company. Music has the capability to reduce stress and improve your productivity. Studies show that music listeners usually produce work of superior quality and finish the task faster than the rest. The main reason for this is the music blocks you out from all the external noises. 

It helps a person concentrate better on their work and they will not easily get distracted. Music has the capacity to entirely change the mood in a room. So if you’re someone who likes to work without any stress then good quality speakers and headphones are must-haves for you. When you want to simply concentrate on your work you can use headphones. For relaxation, you can play your favourite music on the speakers and take a break.

Coffee Machine

Is there a person on this planet earth who doesn’t love a good coffee? Absolutely no. Every time you need a coffee to energise yourself going to the kitchen can be irritating. Because most people don’t like to move across too much when they’re working. So getting a coffee machine for your home office can save you from the trouble. Get the best coffee maker or automatic drip coffee maker to energize yourself. You will understand the importance of a great coffee maker when you’re pulling an all-nighter. So get yourself one and improve your productivity.


Remote working offers many benefits. It improves productivity, reduces pollution, reduces stress and renews the passion for your work. But not having perfect working conditions can do just the opposite too. So if you want your remote working a success then it is high time to upgrade your home office. All above-mentioned upgrades are the investment on yourself. Remember when you’re comfortable and happy, your productivity will double and motivates you to give your best.