Technology has brought many new inventions into the world. Not to mention it has made lives easy for many people. One could definitely say that technology has the capacity to change lives. And it has brought a positive influence on people. From CCTV to smartphones we have come a long way, agree or not?

With time technology has also evolved, AI has also become part of day-to-day life. AI was once only seen in sci-fi movies, but who would have guessed that over the years it would become a huge part of our daily life. Irrespective of the industry, businesses are using AI to develop products that would grow their business and improve customer satisfaction. Not only that but many businesses are using it in their important departments too.

If you are tech-savvy then you would have already known another powerful AI tool i.e., Facial recognition.

How does Face Recognition work?

In recent years, it is quite impossible to find a smart device without facial recognition. Face recognition is biometric authentication. It scans, measures and stores a human face in the database. Once it is stored in the database they use it for identification and comparison. There are many ways this facial recognition works. One of them is comparing the facial features to the data stored in the database. This technology is mostly used for security purposes like any other biometric authentications. Not only that it is particularly used to provide protection to your data from unauthorised people. And the main reason this technology is excellent is that it improves security. It is quite hard to copy the features of a particular face, Don’t you agree?

Facial recognition & Gambling

The gambling industry has evolved over the years, it has expanded from land-based casinos to the online casino slots. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is one of the few industries that has grown exponentially with the power of technology. Gambling is an industry where the money is exchanged between gamblers in large numbers. So it is a must for online casinos or offlines to provide their customers with security and safety. And these latest technologies are lending a hand to gambling industries to improve the gambling experience to their customers whilst providing them with security.

For many years facial recognition has been an integral part of the brick and mortar casino games. The casino’s staff are getting smarter and reacting to concerns faster because of the surveillance systems and facial recognition technologies. With time the customer expectations have also changed so the business is using these technologies to meet their expectations.

Casinos should be careful that they don’t allow any underage gamblers to enter the casino. So with the help of facial technology casinos can prevent them from entering. Sounds amazing, right? Not only the underage gamblers blacklisted or banned gamblers can also be prevented from entering the premises. Most businesses use a technology called CASINO-ID to capture the faces of the people who enter the casino. FR can benefit many aspects of casino business operations too.

If you’re wondering how else facial recognition is impacting the gambling industry then stick till the end of this article. Here are a few benefits of using facial recognition in the casinos.

Regulatory compliance

Did you know online casinos are also subject to KYC i.e, Know your customer laws? So if players want to play immediately after the clearance of their first deposit they must still provide the casino with supporting documents along with age, identity and address. The online casinos must comply with the laws and face recognition is helping them with it. FR will allow them to upload their ID documents photo and since most online casinos are applications they even allow their customers to take a selfie. Simply put, it is making the registration process simple and easy.

Helps in identification

Running a casino online or offline is not an easy feat. Many things may go wrong, so the staff should always be alert and ready for any situations. And this is one of the main reasons why casinos are turning to the latest technologies. FR helps the gaming operators in finding the criminals, banned or excluded players. Not only that it will help you in identifying the high-level and VIP players. The casino staff can pay extra attention to these high profile people to improve customer satisfaction. Simple rule, keep your customers happy and they will keep playing. With FR in place, they are attentive towards each of the customers individually and see that they are comfortable and are enjoying their time in the casino.

Loyalty Programs

Facial recognition will help the users in the account creation and once the player has enrolled and starts playing the game, it will help the staff to identify loyalty program players and provide them with personalized rewards to keep them engaged in the game. With FR the operators can keep a track of loyalty program members. They can compare the players rewards with their real-time play, it will help them in determining the effectiveness of the loyalty programs on hourly, daily and minutely basis. FR will help the operators to not only maximize the participation in the reward programs but also maximize the overall returns too.

Customer Satisfaction

Technologies such as Facial Recognition are contributing to improving customer satisfaction in the casinos. These technologies are allowing the casinos to customise and manage a players journey. When you personalise the journey there are high chances that the customer will become your regular. Wondering how facial recognition is contributing to this phenomenon? By providing customers with automatic access controls for certain lounges and rooms. They don’t need the help of floor staff to take them from one property to others, with facial recognition they can have access to certain parts of the casino. This will provide them with high-end luxury feel whilst taking pressure off of your staff. For online casinos, you can provide customer satisfaction with exclusive offers, etc.

In a nutshell

Technology is evolving and in the future, there will be many changes it will bring to the gambling industry. And one of the main reasons for favouring Facial Recognition is that it is beneficial to both gambling companies and customers. It is a win-win situation. Apart from providing security, it can also be used to measure and improve the efficiency of loyalty programs. Everything businesses are to improve customer satisfaction and FR is providing them with an opportunity to personalise the customer’s journey and make them happy. Facial recognition is taking the gambling industry to new heights.